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Hosting, Support, and Website Update Services

Website Update Services

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Your website is your business’s digital storefront, and it’s the first contact many customers have with you. Your site requires continual maintenance in order to impress clients and encourage them to perform a specified activity. A website maintenance plan is essential to the long-term success of your website, no matter what sector you work in or the size of your company. To attract and keep customers, optimize search engine rankings, and offer up-to-date information about your products and services to the public, you need a website maintenance plan.

We understand that running a small business can be all-consuming. Oftentimes, business owners are either too busy or don’t have the know-how to perform their own website updates. Don’t have a web developer to manage your website for you? No problem, OpenVine is here to help! No job is too small. Whether you need a small change every now and then, weekly blog updates, or daily product updates, we’ve got you covered. Check out the website update packages below to determine what level of support would best fit your needs. For a free consultation, give us a call at 781-850-2525.

Web Hosting & Technical Support

When we build websites for clients, we let them choose if they want to host it through OpenVine or somewhere else (“hosting” is simply where the website is stored to be made available on the internet–sort of like a retail store on Main Street). We have many years of tried-and-true experience working with hosting platforms and technologies, and the plans we offer are based on it. Our plans are geared to optimize the best of:

  • High-Performance Internet Service
  • Highly Secure Servers and Facilities
  • First-rate Support
  • Pricing
  • Self-Service Technologies

Our hosting & support plans offer an ideal combination of these features for small businesses.

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Web Content & Support Pricing

We have two types of support for your website:

  • Website Updates. Our Package called “Content FlexTime” provides website updates. Only pay for what you use. Many businesses just want someone to update the content on their site. That’s what this plan is for. It’s “flexible” because the time can be used for a number of content-related items, such as training and updating your social media accounts. The client provides the written content, images, and instructions, and we post it where you want it.
  • Hosting, Maintenance, and Support. Every website needs to be hosted and maintained, at minimum. This requires updating the site technologies, backing up data, ensuring the website is not down, and much more. That’s “Hosting and Maintenance.” It’s like keeping your car tuned up. When your car breaks down and needs a repair, that’s like Website Support–fixing issues like “text is not displaying properly.” We offer two plans for this service. If you have any questions, please ask!

Content FlexTime

  • Prepaid Content Updates by the Hour
  • CAN BE USED FOR: * Website Updates * WordPress Training for your Site * Creation of Help Documentation * Social Media Updates * Image Optimization * Stock Image Search & Selection
  • Two Business Day turnaround
  • Requests submitted by email or online portal
  • Billed in 15-minute increments
  • Written content provided by Client
  • Quantity Discount: Prepay 10+ hours at $80/hour, plus monthly report of tasks performed and current balance

Tech Support BASIC

  • Managed WordPress Website Hosting
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Up to 3 Support Requests (bug fixes / technical issues) per month
  • Website health audit at onboarding
  • Submit tickets via Online Portal or Email
  • Daily off-site backups of WordPress database and website files
  • Monthly updates of WordPress core application and Plugins
  • Website Uptime monitoring 24/7
  • Daily scans for Malware (note: does not include Malware removal, which is $200 per incident)
  • Website Security includes Brute Force detection & blocking and Web Application Firewall

Tech Support PRO

  • Includes everything in BASIC plan, plus:
  • One hour of website content updates (Non-cumulative; Client provides written content with instructions)
  • Updates as required to WordPress Theme & PHP version
  • Phone Support (Mon-Fri, 8am – 5pm)
  • Malware Removal
  • Domain Management (if desired, monitor your domain for updates, ensure renewals are on time, annual audit of optimal settings and contacts)

Website Updates & Support FAQs

Do I need to have a website built by OpenVine to get updates?2022-02-02T10:12:22-05:00

No. We offer website updates for any site built on WordPress or Joomla.  We would just need to be granted access to your site.

Can I get technical support if my website is hosted elsewhere?2022-02-03T15:01:10-05:00

That’s one thing we do not do because we cannot do it well. We support sites on a host that we control, understand, and can readily access for escalated support when needed.

Does your technical support include Malware Removal?2022-02-02T10:21:44-05:00

The Basic plan does not.  The Pro plan does.  Both detect malware, but only the Pro plan removes it. The Basic plan can pay a one-time fee of $200 to remove malware.  Each instance of malware varies in severity, and while there’s a general process for removing it, detecting how it entered the system (not always possible) and preventing its recurrence is part of it.  We take breaches seriously, and all our sites are backed up to help prevent data loss.

From Our Awesome Clients…

“OpenVine was excellent to work with.  In addition to capturing the technical features of web design, it provided valuable advice as a strategic business consultant throughout the course of the project and was prompt and responsive.”

Joe C.

“OpenVine Solutions has great customer service! They respond quickly and effectively. We have used their services since we started our business and highly recommend them!”

Liz, Good News Book Fair

“OpenVine Solutions is absolutely one of the best. From start to finish, they created an updated website package for my company that is awesome. ”

Greg Thomas, Leadership Excellence

“We’ve been working with OpenVine for over five years and we’ve been very pleased with the results…the staff have been extremely responsive and patient with our many revisions.”

Ross Lilley, Access Sport America

OpenVine provided Facebook Ad design and consultation for a well-funded campaign in Africa. The performance metrics for the campaign were off the chart, exceeding every key industry average metric.

Gil Lavoie, Shroud Photos
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