An Iron Clad Social Media Strategy for Today’s Business

Social Media for Business is a Whole New Universe.

Without a strong social media strategy, you’re likely to be paddling in the water but unable to move with the current, much less to cut across the current to reach the distant shore and your business’s ultimate goals. Fortunately, though, the better part of your competition are probably not pursuing a strong Social Media Strategy. Like most people trying to understand how to use Social Media for Business, they’re likely going about it in a haphazard way with little chance for success.

OpenVine provides the Boston area’s leading Social Media for Business Services and a comprehensive Social Media Strategy because we’re the recognized experts. While providing Marketing, Local Search and SEO services, we also regularly train clients in how to use Social Media for Business. Most importantly to an overall Social Media Strategy, that puts you in the company of people who are making waves in the Social Media Universe.

A Social Media Strategy is Not Just Marketing

Social Media for Business is nothing like traditional marketing or advertising. Based heavily in the real sharing of information, even secrets and once highly proprietary ideas, Social Media for Business can and should be pursued for real public relations benefits, sales, profits and a better bottom line. But Social Media for Business doesn’t always result in instant easy sales.

A good Social Media Strategy will vastly improve your communications, your engagement with important players in your industry as well as the Word of Mouth, business referrals, and Search Engine Rankings. Not only is traffic to all of your sites possible, but increased business is just the natural result of the same Social Media Strategy.

Our Social Media Strategy is custom tailored in close consultation with any business hoping to take advantage of all of the Networks, platforms and communications platforms that their customers or clients are also enjoying. We focus on achieving conversions, sales or leads generation while continually expanding your public relations reach and the engagement you enjoy with your public.

With plenty of experience engaging consumers, OpenVine pursues a methodical Social Media Strategy that includes Local Search Directories, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and, importantly, all of the following.

  1. Multimedia – Creating and publishing photos, videos and Info-graphics are as important to your message as any other part of your Social Media Strategy. Not only is Multi-Media fast and inexpensive, it’s also a tremendously powerful way to communicate a lot of information in a very short time.
  2. Flexible Messaging – Social Media for Business requires a variety of approaches because it can include so many platforms. A Social Media Strategy needs to correctly adapt to your presence on all of the most important networks and sites, and any your already using. The ecosystem of each network can vary widely and Social Media for Business needs to be proactive on a number of them.
  3. Integrated Online and Offline Advertising – Extending any offline marketing you’re already doing is another tremendously important way to extend your reach and maximize trust in your brand or business.
  4. Local Search – Smaller and Bricks & Mortar Business’s best friends are an increasing array of highly interactive review sites, mapping sites and business guides that have popped up all over the web. OpenVine starts with a list of the most visited for your area. We’ll provide you with complete access to your account on every site with a profile, but we’ll also get you set up so that you’re receiving reviews within days.
  5. Promotions – Social Media for Business includes traffic driving contests and giveaways. We can advise on the best places to promote and we’ll even build you a community that will continue to come back for more. Incentivized customers remember you long after any contest or discount period ends. And of course, interactive promotions can also be carefully monitored, tweaked and tracked so that you know exactly the success rate as it’s happening.
  6. Sharing – Social Media for Business success, and the success of your overall Social Media Strategy is measured through sharing. Clicking “Like” and a few other new metrics may seem arcane or confusing at first, but they’re just as trackable as visitors to your website.

A comprehensive Social Media Strategy for your business is not only possible, it’s ultimately very important for any business hoping to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing business environment.Contact us to learn more about developing a social media strategy or outsourcing your social media marketing to our marketing experts.