Are you thinking about giving your business website a face lift this year? Maybe you are a start-up looking to launch your first website. Here are some of the most popular trends in web design for 2015. Many of these, like hand-crafted illustrations or video backgrounds, are a matter of taste, while others, like responsive design (or mobile design) are must-haves in order to keep up with the way your website visitors use technology.

Video Backgrounds and Animated GIFs

Some companies, like EAGLECLEAN and Deneen Pottery, are taking home page backgrounds to a whole new level with engaging, eye-catching videos.

Large, Bold Images

It is no secret that we are visual creatures. Many websites are taking advantage of faster broadband speeds and high-quality images to connect with visitors and convey their messages using stunning visuals. Spotify uses several big, beautiful images to get their message across.

Hand-Crafted Illustrations

This has been happening for a while, but look for more companies to use unique illustrations to get the attention of website visitors both with images and video. Basecamp uses hand drawn images masterfully on their site.

Mobile Design

Companies who are serious about reaching their customers, many of which will be primarily surfing the net via mobile device, will turn to mobile or responsive design to target a broader audience. Responsive design allows your website to automatically format to the device a user is viewing, regardless of its size. It can accommodate current devices as well as whatever crazy contraptions become popular down the road.

Flat Design

Flat design uses simple, understated elements like flat colors and vector icons to keep the focus on the content. This is especially helpful in responsive design because it’s easily scalable and doesn’t require much memory. Microsoft uses flat design for their new Windows operating system.


Many new designs have an increased focus on better typography, including more unique font types, and more strategic visual hierarchy to draw the user’s attention to the most important content.

Scrolling Websites

New designs being published today are longer than ever before and require more scrolling. Because of increased mobile use, website visitors have become more accustomed to scrolling to find information. Scrolling websites give visitors the ability to scroll for information rather than relying solely on links, especially on home pages. The benefit here is that you can elegantly showcase more content per page. This can be especially helpful for websites with product pages. Check out Hubspot’s website for a great example of a scrolling website.

Interactive Infographics (Webgraphics)

These are essentially infographics that cater to mobile users. Far beyond the traditional static image, webgraphics are not only eye-catching and engaging, but also responsive for mobile devices and can include animations and interactive elements like links for increased usefulness.

Hopefully these trends help spark some ideas for your business website. Do you want to learn more about choosing a website design that works best for your company? We’re here to help. Our Boston web designers pride themselves on keeping up with the latest trends and technologies so that our customers have a competitive edge online. Contact us to learn more or get a free website quote.

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