Online presence for restaurants has skyrocketed in the past two years (2020 and 2021). There was a sudden need for food businesses to take online orders and promptly fulfill them, especially once the pandemic hit. This made restaurant website design in Massachusetts more important than ever before.

During this time, functional websites that performed well were a godsend. To cash in on this opportunity, we believe many Massachusetts restaurants need their websites designed or even redesigned to conform to search engine specifications in order to gain higher online traffic and more customers!  

Restaurants require a means to advertise their business to potential clients, and the first place a person will look when trying to find a restaurant is the internet. If you can catch their attention then, you’ve got yourself a customer. An attractive website will help you do just that. Are you a Massachusetts restaurant wondering how to design your website? Then, check out these top ten tips! 

Website Design Tips for Restaurant Websites in Massachusetts

Tip #1: Build a Solid Website Plan

This foundational stage is essential to building a good website as it removes any doubts about the website structure and template. It also includes developing an appropriate website template, producing high-quality content, and utilizing SEO strategies that work. When you decide to invest in a restaurant website design, consider several questions like: 

  • What sort of website will be perfect for your restaurant? 
  • What would you like it to look like? 
  • Who do you hire to build your website? 

You don’t have to worry about these issues as web development firms are professionals who will help answer these questions for you.  

Tip #2: Use a Mobile-Adaptive Web Design 

A good restaurant website needs to be responsive at all times. An adaptive template reconfigures to the device being used, whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It makes your website look great on all devices and provides a pleasant user experience for potential patients. 

Tip #3: Select a Fun Yet Professional Theme

We recommend having a little fun on your website when you are a restaurant business. Choose a theme that will reflect the kind of cuisine your eatery features. An inviting theme will help you stand out from the crowd and attract new patrons. Make sure the theme you choose can accommodate all of the necessary elements you want, such as a logo importer, online ordering menu, contact form, and social media sharing options. 

Tip #4: Incorporate High-Definition Images

Deciding on high-resolution photos to represent your restaurant website is a great way to make your website stand out. Using good photographs on your Massachusetts restaurant website will exude a professional and trustworthy presence when potential customers browse the site. Choose images that best showcase the kind of food you serve at your restaurant. While stock images do work, hiring a professional photographer to click some beautiful photos of the venue and the dishes will only make your website look more appealing. Remember what it said about people eating with their eyes first? 

Tip #5: Create Appealing Website Content 

A high-performing restaurant website design cannot overstate the power of meaningful and suitable content. Representing your food business in a neat, understandable style can likely convert website visitors to regular customers. Website content is very diverse and can include:  

  • Videos 
  • Blogs  
  • Infographics 
  • Podcasts 
  • Listicles 
  • How-to guides 
  • Recipes 
  • Social media posts 

Snippets of information about the food you serve, a back story of how your affair with food came to be, or perhaps a couple of blogs that highlight the cultural history of some foods that people can find at your restaurant may all be a part of your website content. 

Contact details, locations, and addresses must be displayed clearly for Google and other search engines to pick up your restaurant website when a person types in “restaurants near me”. Additionally, all this content must be optimized for keywords to help search engines find and show your website on search result pages. However, not everyone is born to win hearts with words, and that’s ok! So here is where you can use professionals to create the content for you! 

Tip #6: Ensure That Your Website Is Operating Smoothly 

What good is a restaurant website that refuses to accept your booking? It is imperative to have an accessible, responsive website free of technical errors. An accessible version of your menu, an online ordering service that works, a section to leave and view online reviews, and an unfailing loyalty program are a few of the many areas where your website must be functioning smoothly.  

Tip #7: Perform SEO on Your Restaurant Website

Optimizing your website using SEO tools and techniques is one of the most effective methods to get potential patrons to visit your restaurant website. Simple search engine optimization techniques can improve your website’s position in the search results. It involves including keywords in your website content, making sure the site loads fast, setting up Google Analytics, etc. You may even like to sign up for a monthly SEO service to help you with increasing your online ranking compared to other restaurants in your area and with a similar cuisine profile. 

Tip #8: An Informative Blog Works Wonders

What would a restaurant blog be about, and how would it help attract customers? Well, you would be surprised to know how effective blogging can be for your SEO purposes, regardless of what business you are in. Click here to read more about the benefits of blogging.  

However, not every storyteller can become a blogger and achieve high rankings online. For your restaurant website to be picked from among scores of others, professional blogging services will research topics, keywords, and several other online analytics before zeroing in on the themes for your restaurant blog. Keyword-rich blogs are written keeping in mind what is needed to bring people to your website.  

Tip #9: Include Social Media Icons to Further Your Reach

Using social media buttons on your restaurant’s website is an excellent approach to showcase your food and the entire restaurant’s experience online. In addition, you may keep people interested in the latest happenings by sharing them on popular social media platforms. This helps develop trust and credibility with loyal customers and help you gain new ones. 

Tip #10: Partner with a Qualified Web Development Company

To get your website design flowing faultlessly, have a specialist in that field do it. It assures that your website is expertly designed and developed, is user-friendly, and looks amazing on all fronts. 

What To Consider When Searching for Restaurant Website Design in Massachusetts 

You may want to get to know a few web designers before you decide on ‘the’ one, and that is what we recommend. So, aside from asking for price quotations, here are some points you would like to raise with a potential web developer: 

  • What is the timeline for completing the website design from start to finish? What is required from me during this process? 
  • After the new website is live, will there be ongoing support for any website issues, content upgrades, security fixes, theme/plugin updates etc.? 
  • Is it possible to have someone from the team assist with the blog and other service updates periodically? 
  • Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a part of the website project or a separate service? 
  • Will the website be mobile-friendly? 
  • Who will own and operate the domain and hosting accounts? 

You’ll want to choose a developer who can help you with services within your budget, skill level, and schedule constraints. 

Get Started with Your Massachusetts Restaurant Website Design

OpenVine Web Solutions can help you reach your online goals regarding restaurant website designs in Massachusetts. With professional-looking, responsive layouts, user-friendly interfaces, and attention to detail, we are one of the top web development brands in the Massachusetts area. Click to know more about our website pricing or get a free quote! 

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