Websites are fast becoming the first link between a product and the potential customer. People often visit finance websites to learn more about the firm, check out a specific service, or know more about the brand. When a financial website is designed professionally and updated regularly with wholesome content, it sets a unique identity. It receives a more significant number of visitors every month, and most of them are converted into consistently returning customers. To ensure a high-performing site, check out the following Massachusetts website design tips.

Seamless Mobile Use

The value of a responsive website cannot be overstated. Clients are busy and are constantly on the go. More than half of Google searches happen on smartphones nowadays, and studies show that younger people predominantly access the Internet via mobile phones and devices other than a laptop.

If your finance website has to be endlessly resized and scrolled around to reach a single CTA, visitors will simply bounce off your site. Therefore, if your website is only optimized for desktop use, you are already missing out on potential business.

Google has also changed its algorithm to rank websites based on mobile-friendliness and penalizes those that aren’t optimized. Therefore, if your site isn’t responsive, it is automatically pushed to the bottom of the results page.

At OpenVine we devote just as much time and effort to your mobile site design as we do to develop your standard website.

User Experience and User Interface

First impressions can make or break the deal when it comes to a website’s user experience.

Visitors often form an opinion about your financial services website in just under a minute. Research shows that people will trust a professional-looking website that provides a hearty user experience. This directly translates into longer browsing sessions and more info being shared by the consumer.

Many users visit your financial services website either to find a specific product or to find an answer to a related concern. You want to make the solution as simple as possible for them to accomplish. All design elements should bolster your website’s message and provide clear answers to the viewer’s concerns when they chance upon your site.

User-Friendly Model and Professional Theme

Organize website elements in a natural but well-structured manner. By varying colors, font sizes, themes etc., you can effectively attract users towards the important aspects of your finance services website.

For a user-friendly model, your website must satisfy the following four tips:

1. Your finance services website should be easily scannable.

2. Visual representations for essential website elements.

3. Consider natural eye-scanning themes.

4. Expand users’ conversion paths.

Make it simple for users to find what they’re looking for without having to look around too much. Here are some website navigation tips:

1. Have no more than seven essential options in the top-level navigation.

2. Include second navigation in the footer section of the website.

3. A breadcrumb menu makes navigation between pages smooth.

4. A search bar in your website’s header can help visitors keyword search. 5. Keep your site’s architecture as simple as possible. For example, users should not have to make more than three clicks to reach their CTA.

6. Make the “Contact Us” page easy to find and consider using a specific color or button design for it. (Include it in your site’s footer as well.)

Visuals and Icons

Avoid low-quality stock images that have no identity of their own nor reflect one of your brand. Instead, find imagery that supports your business and key messaging. Having personalized images can be pretty time-consuming, but it’s worth building an image library. Great visuals to go along with the content makes it more engaging and help break up the text, and the same images can be utilized consistently across all your media and marketing boards.

Partner with an experienced photographer and graphic designer to get the best-suited images, infographics, and illustrations for your brand.

Dependable Web Hosting Service

Using a reliable hosting service is essential for a successful website. The web hosting company will provide your website with the bandwidth and storage it needs to function smoothly. They will also make sure that your website is constantly up and running. When looking for a web design company, be sure to enquire about which hosting company they use.

Secure Finance Websites Are a Must

There’s no excuse for finance service websites to have insecure logins or less than the highest level of security. People are highly skeptical of the websites they browse. Being a finance service provider dealing with sensitive financial information for your clients, they’ll have more to worry about than blocking advertisements or shutting down pop-ups.

A simple SSL certificate offers visitors a trustworthy page and the confirmation that any data they provide will be secure. It also helps protect your website against hackers.

A secure website is a primary aspect of doing business and crucial in maintaining consumer trust. At OpenVine, we continuously develop safe and secure websites.


Websites are intricate to build and run, and keeping track of the latest finance website design tips is an ongoing process. At OpenVine Web Solutions, we offer a diverse range of website, digital marketing, and professional SEO services to help businesses of all sizes succeed online. In addition, we’ll work with you to create a website that looks great and meets all of your needs! So feel free to get in touch today!

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