Accounting firms and bookkeepers are often looking for new ways to maintain their competitive edge on the web and adjust to today’s always-connected society of mobile internet users.

Although the number of  CPA and accountant websites in Massachusetts are growing, most managers of accounting firms are doing little to help their web presence since they lack web design experience.

Massachusetts accountant website design is a process that involves deep knowledge of accountancy practices and the technology used for businesses marketing. Many companies offer accountant website design services these days, but not all of them are qualified to handle your company’s needs. Here are some general tips for creating a great accountant or financial services website design:

1) Keep Your Site Active

In the first place, your website should provide relevant and useful information to its users, and you should update information on a regular basis.  The more time a visitor spends on your site, the greater the odds of them coming back or becoming a customer. An accountant’s website design should be consistent in both hosting new content and promoting existing work – this way, you’ll turn visitors into loyal fans of your service. One easy way to add content is with a blog. Business blog writing helps you show credibility in your field and provides valuable information to current and potential clients. More about this later in the post.

2) Keep Your Design Modern

Your accounting practice’s web design should feature some cool elements from modern trends which can engage users and create some positive brand recognition for your company. Think about minimalist designs with an emphasis on readability or clean typographical layouts that focus on presenting data as opposed to heavy images loaded with distractions. In terms of marketing, infographic-style graphics are the most popular choice for web designers, while retina displays are becoming increasingly important, especially among mobile users.

3) Have a Plan for Inbound Marketing and SEO

In the past, internet marketing was based on buying advertising for a fixed price. Today, inbound marketing has become an integral part of online branding and leads to greater ROI by targeting potential customers based on their interests and needs. Google Analytics can help you track your visitors’ behavior and use this information when creating content that will appeal to them from the get-go. Also, having well-defined keywords for each page of your site will promote its visibility in search results performed by users who are looking for timely topics related to accounting practices.

Finding a internet marketing company who can help with SEO services for your Massachusetts business is key to gaining visibility and leads through your website and other online efforts.

4) Articulate Your Greatest Strength

A great accountant’s website design is one that focuses on building your business brand, showcasing the most valuable services you have to offer, and conveying clear messages about company goals. You must promote yourself by offering time-sensitive content that remains relevant for as long as possible. Furthermore, you might want to consider making a blog featuring posts related to recent accounting news, new tax requirements, or other issues related to your practice. Make sure this blog is easy to find from your homepage, so visitors are more likely to land on it first.

5) Remember About Local Marketing Opportunities

Whenever someone wants an accounting service in their area, they turn to Google Local Search rather than browsing national websites because it has all the information for choosing a credible firm with an office in their town. Most professional website designers can help you adjust your site to support Google Maps and integrate a local business directory for free, which can increase the number of visitors coming from this search engine by thousands.

6) Add a Blog to Your Site

Having a blog is one of the most effective ways to promote your accounting service’s web presence because it allows users to learn firsthand about new developments in your industry. In addition, posts on blogs are usually filled with links back to their main source, which means you’ll be able to improve your page rank within Google. Finally, blogging also helps keep your content fresh and interesting since it involves introducing relevant information from other writers who know their stuff!

7) Simplify Your Navigation

The best web design is user-friendly and based on a simple structure of major headings. This means you should split your site into clear categories for visitors to find what they want within seconds without getting too distracted by all kinds of flashy graphics or unexpected pop-ups. Think about having a fixed menu bar on top with links to main topics, while sidebar menus can list more specific areas, including resources and services available for each type of client (personal data, SMB, etc.).

8) Create an SSL Certificate and Secure Your Site

SSL certificates provide an additional layer of security to the sensitive information that users transmit when making online transactions, such as filling in payment forms for purchasing products or subscribing to premium accounts. They also help protect against identity theft by providing users with assurance that data is being transferred through a secure connection.

9) Hire an Experienced Massachusetts Web Design Agency

One of the major benefits of using a professional Massachusetts web design agency is its expertise in search engine optimization (SEO). Modern audiences tend to look for current topics and their most suitable solution on Google rather than browsing through brand or product catalogs. That’s why developing your online presence by increasing the number of visitors via keywords will result in growing profits from more leads and additional sales coming from potential customers seeking you out.

If you need help growing your business with an amazing website design, SEO services, or other digital marketing services, we can help! Contact us today to learn more or get a free online quote for any of our web services.

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