“Content is King.” If you have been reading up on marketing for your business, you have probably come across this statement many times over—and for good reason! Inbound marketing would cease to exist without great content. So what exactly is content? Content is all of the text and images found on your website, blog, social media pages, brochures, web ads, and more.

Compelling content attracts visitors and leads them through the sales funnel. Gone are the days that potential customers call to get all of their information from you or someone on your sales staff. Savvy consumers now look to your website and to social media to learn about your products/services, to see comments others have made regarding your business or product, and to judge your credibility and expertise. The more informative, helpful content you provide on a consistent basis, the better your chance of turning these visitors into customers. Here are some tips for creating great content for different mediums:

Blogs— Do you have a business blog? If so, try to post a blog once or twice a week. This will give search engines a reason to index your site more frequently, and it will show readers that you are an expert in your industry. Your blog posts should be focused on helping your potential or current customers in some way. Avoid using your blog to overtly push your products and services.

Websites—Your website content should be concise and written for web viewers. For each page, be sure to stay on topic. Web viewers are skimmers, not readers—use headers/subheaders, bullet points, lists, and white space to help them quickly and easily find the information they are looking for. Have a lot to say on a product or service? Consider breaking up the information into a couple of pages rather than one long one. Use internal links to guide visitors to additional information.

Social Media Content—What you post on social media sites will depend on which platform you are on. For example, twitter only allows 140 characters and your posts have a short shelf life, so you can tweet casually and frequently. LinkedIn is a more professional network and calls for less frequent, more professionally written posts. 

Web/Print Ads, Brochures, and Other Marketing Materials—Here you have a limited amount of space (and time if it is web-based) to catch the interest of prospective customers. Choose text that is clever and sends a clear message about what you are offering. Include eye-catching images and, in the case of ads, a clear call-to-action.

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