“Why should I focus on developing the perfect Massachusetts roofing website design?”

Well, how else would you be visible to people when they go looking for local roofers on the internet?

With the global roofing industry slated to rise at a CAGR of 4.9% between 2021 and 2026, it is estimated to reach a value of nearly USD 149 billion by 2026.

As a roofer in 2022, your website is the primary way to promote and advertise your business.  Google and other search engines will also pick your roofing website when people scour the web with a local intent for roofers. If you haven’t got a website, then you’ve got no chance of ranking on Google or even appearing on Google Maps.

Your roofing company’s website is an indispensable element of your marketing strategy.

But why are most roofing websites drab?

  • They talk more about the company and less to the customer.
  • They do not clarify why a homeowner should pick the company.
  • They don’t show how they are distinct visually.

A roofing website design is a lot more than a virtual business card; it’s a catalog of your services, a point of contact for your business, and a crucial sales pitch. However, some of the best roofing websites have a few elements in common that entice their audiences to sign up for the companies’ services.

This blog post looks at ten tips for roofing website design in Massachusetts. It includes website development, design, SEO, content production, writing tips, best practices, and more. Let’s get started!

Website Design Tips for Roofing Websites in Massachusetts

Solid Website Foundation

Your roofing website foundation is the backbone of your complete website strategy. Roofing businesses with outstanding website foundations have sites that are easy to navigate and are visually pleasing. According to an Adobe survey, approximately 38% of visitors will leave a poorly designed or lagging site. On the other hand, 66% of visitors prefer to browse a website or content with an appealing design and layout rather than dull ones.

But, it’s not only your visual design that matters. If your website is too clunky or takes too long to load due to images, plugins, or slow servers, you may eventually become invisible to customers and search engines alike.

Before creating your formal website, make sure you have a strong foundation in place. Selecting a well-designed website template is just part 1 of this process. Think about what information your website visitors will want to see on your site and how it must be laid out so that they can navigate easily.

Take assistance from a web development firm specializing in roofing websites to zero in on finding the right design best suited for your industry. A professional web development firm also offers ideas on organizing your content to provide a superior UX for visitors. The goal would be to provide an exceptional website experience to encourage browsers to become paying clients.

User-Friendly Model

A responsive and user-friendly model is a must-have when designing a roofing website. A responsive template will realign to the size of the device the website is being browsed off, whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other device. In addition, it ensures that your website provides a fantastic layout for your visitors.

Professional Theme

A roofing business requires the website to appear professional and credible. There are several themes you can choose from. Always pick one that accommodates all the features your business needs- a logo uploader, page editor, contact form, and social media sharing options, among others.

A good theme will give your brand a unique dimension and invite potential roofing clients.

Make Your Roofing Website Accessible

If customers cannot reach you due to a technical error on your website, there is very little chance to make it big in the roofing world. However, there are several technological methods to ensure your website stays accessible for those using screen readers or different input devices as well. In addition, you can choose to make certain design choices that assist people with vision impairments, such as contrasting the color of your text against the background. Talk with your web developer to know what other tools can help increase the accessibility of your website.

Incorporate High-Definition Images

People coming to your roofing website must be able to view your past work. Refrain from using poor images of partially done roofs or low-quality photos that do more harm than good. High-resolution images by professional photographers will help you highlight your best projects in a defined manner. You can have professional photos taken (we recommend including headshots), quality stock photos, or utilize both for your roofing website.

Use Tailored and Engaging Content

Crafting engaging content on your website is of utmost importance. Building an “about us” page, describing your practice areas, creating useful infographics, shooting informative videos, and blog articles relevant to your target audience are all ways to attract customers. All writing must be clear and succinct with SEO boosting keywords throughout the website.

Poor quality content (think fake claims, exaggerated statistics, unbacked research) may harm your business’s reputation in the eyes of potential clients. Therefore, a high writing standard must be maintained when creating website content for your roofing site. A premium roofing service website has no scope for faulty grammar, misspellings, and absent punctuation. To ensure this standard is met, consult with experts in the field of website content development. At OpenVine, we have a team of specialists who can handle all the website content writing for you.

Don’t Forget SEO Optimization

The most straightforward approach to getting homeowners looking for a roof change to your website is optimizing it for search engines. SEO optimization involves adding relevant keywords wherever required, making sure the website loads quickly, generating Google Analytics, and submitting the site to search engines (among other things). A good web design company in Massachusetts can assist you with SEO efforts for maximum visibility.

If you want to rank higher than other roofers in your area and climb higher on the search results page, you may consider signing up for a monthly SEO service.

A Website Blog That Reads Well

A blog that caters to people interested in replacing their roofs or just getting to know their roofs better could be a crowd-puller, as there sure aren’t many of those! By writing blog posts relevant to your target audience, you can create awareness about your specialities and services to people coming to your brand.

Pro tip: Optimize your blogs using keywords related to your subject so your blog can pop up higher in search results!

Use Social Media Buttons to Promote your Brand

A rookie mistake on roofing website design is missing out on social media buttons. Social media platforms are great for publicizing projects you are currently working on, giving more live updates, and directly connecting with customers online. Add social media icons to your roofing website so visitors can follow you on related social media platforms. It helps build credibility and trust with existing clients and can help you attract more as you demonstrate your team in action!

Team up with a Professional Web Development Company

Partner with a respected web development firm so you don’t need to stress about the results. A dependable web development company like OpenVine will discuss your preferences and business goals with you, moving forward with a deep understanding of exactly what you are looking for. This means your vision and our skill can work together to create a flawless website for your roofing business.

What to Consider for Roofing Website Design Companies in Massachusetts

Some questions to ask a potential roofing web design candidate are:

  • How long will a new web design take from start to finish?
  • What content will you require from me?
  • Will you guide our team on how to update our new website?
  • Will there be ongoing support for any issues that may arise after the website is live?
  • Who will own and handle the hosting and domain accounts?
  • Can you help keep the blog and other content up-to-date regularly?
  • What SEO methods do you employ to guarantee my website is displayed on search engines?
  • Is SEO a part of the project or a separate service?
  • And, of course, a quotation!

Getting Started with Your Massachusetts Roofing Website Design

If your Massachusetts based roofing business needs help with a new web design, please do not hesitate to contact OpenVine Web Solutions. Learn more about our website pricing here, or get a free quote!

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