“Why should I focus on developing an outstanding Massachusetts contractor website design?” 

Well, how else should people find you when they go looking for local contractors on the internet? 

As a contractor in 2022, your website is the primary point for promoting and advertising your business. Google and other search engines will also pick your website when people scour the web looking for local contractors.

Unfortunately, some business owners think they don’t need a website because they have enough business. That’s fine, but what if you’re a contractor and you want to expand? If you haven’t got a website, then you’ve got no chance of ranking on Google or even appearing on Google Maps. 

Your contractor website is an indispensable element of your marketing strategy. But not all contracting websites are made equal. The following areas are where most are lacking: 

  • They talk more about the company and less to the customer. 
  • They do not clarify why a homeowner should pick the company. 
  • They don’t show how they are distinct visually. 

This is why having a website isn’t enough. You need an effective contractor website to convert your visitors into leads and eventually clients. A contractor website design is not just a digital business card; it’s a catalog of your services, a point of contact for your business, and a fundamental sales pitch.  

Here are a few tips to help you build a better, more effective Massachusetts contractor website design.

Website Design Tips for Contractor Websites in Massachusetts 

RobustWebsite Foundation 

Your complete website strategy rests on a solid contractor website foundation. Contracting businesses with excellent foundations are visually pleasing, high functioning and easy to navigate. According to an Adobe survey, about 38% of website visitors will quickly bounce off a poorly designed site. However, more than 66% of browsers prefer to stay on a site that looks appealing. But looks are not all that matters. If your contractor website has loads of good looking pages with lots of information, it’s going to result in a considerable navigation menu. So, boil it down to essential components and streamline the navigation bar to reflect top priorities, such as: 

  •  what information are people looking for 
  • what information you want them to receive from your site 

 User-Friendly Model 

Hiring a contractor is a significant investment. Most contracting projects run in the thousands, which means that deciding to hire you is a serious decision for your customers. But, once someone lands on your site, it is only a matter of seconds before they decide if they want to stick around or look elsewhere. Therefore, your website needs to give a clean, professional first impression. 

When designing your contractor website, it’s critical to think about the devices your visitors will be using. Some of them will be on a laptop, but most visitors will likely be using a smartphone or tablet. 

If you build a website that looks good and functions well only on a computer, you’ll be leaving a lot of your visitors out of the loop. Also, Google favors mobile-friendly websites and may penalize those that provide an inadequate mobile experience. 

Having a mobile-first website starts with choosing a responsive design, which will automatically reconfigure based on the device in use. 

Professional Theme 

 A contracting business requires a professional and credible website. A well-suited theme will give your company a unique identity and invite homeowners with potential contracting needs. 

From the several themes available, always pick one that accommodates your business needs best- you may need a logo uploader, page editor, contact form, and social media sharing options, among others. 

Pay attention to the main call-to-action and incorporate plenty of white space to draw attention where required and reduce too much visual noise.  

Make Your Contracting Website Accessible to All 

 All successful websites are designed to be accessible for people with special needs. eAccessibility ensures that there is no barrier preventing interaction or access to websites by people with any disability.  

Coding semantic meaningful HTML and textual equivalents for images help people with visual disabilities using text to speech software. Enlargeable text and significant clickable links support users who are unable to control a mouse with precision. Avoid flashing effects on your website to protect seizure prone users, and use closed caption videos to assist users with hearing disabilities.  

At OpenVine, we always design accessible contracting websites that are easy for all to browse.  

Always Use High-Definition Images 

People coming to your contracting website must be able to view your past projects. Do not use poor images of partially done assignments or low-quality photos that show your work in a less than impressive light. High-resolution photos by professional photographers will highlight your projects to the best effect. You can have professional headshots, quality stock photos, or utilize both for your contractor website. 

Use Customized Content 

Anyone can whip up some basic content, but for high-quality content, info on your contracting site needs to be well researched, planned out and strategically created. In addition, premium-quality website content relevant to the user motivates them to linger on a website longer.  

The following are different types of website content that, if done right, can turn out to be compelling: 

  • Infographics 
  • Case studies 
  • Reviews or Testimonials 
  • Video 
  • Images 

To ensure this standard is met, confer with experts in website content development. At OpenVine, we have a team of specialists who can manage all the website content design for you. 

Don’t Forget SEO  Optimization 

Now excellent content can only get you so far if not many can find it. Content can simply go unnoticed without good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that include keywords, Google Analytics, internal & external links, alt text, and more.  

Benefits of good SEO content include: 

  • Content that is easily found 
  • Improved site ranking and score 
  • Improved UX 
  • Enhanced website usability 
  • Finding the target audience 

 An experienced web design company in Massachusetts can support you with SEO efforts for maximum visibility. 

If you want to rank higher than other contractors in your area and climb higher on the search engine results page (SERP), you may even consider signing up for a monthly SEO service. 

Blog Content that People Want to Read  

Can you imagine an educational blog post from your website clearing out concerns a confused customer had? Always aim to create blogs that address pain points people tend to have when dealing with contracting. It will be an incredible asset to your website; sprinkle just the correct number of keywords and links, and you have a golden chance to show up on the search engine results page (SERP).  

If you consistently make valuable content for your target audience, it’ll establish you as an industry leader in their opinion. 

Use Social Media Buttons to Promote your Brand 

A novice blunder many contractor websites make is to miss out on important social media buttons. Social media platforms are fantastic for publicizing projects you are currently working on, giving live updates as they happen, and firsthand connecting with customers online. Add social media icons to your contractor website so visitors can follow you on related social media channels. It helps build credibility with existing clients and can help you attract more as you show off your team in action! 

Get Together with a Skilled Web Development Company 

Collaborate with a reputable web development firm, so you don’t need to worry about the results. An established web development company like OpenVine works in alignment with your preferences and business goals, moving forward with a clear understanding. It means your vision and our skill can work to create a flawless website for your contractor business. 

What to Consider for Contractor Website Design Companies in Massachusetts 

Some questions to ask a potential contractor web design candidate are: 

  • What is the expected time for a new web design from start to finish? 
  • What kind of details are expected from me? 
  • Will you guide my team on how to update the new website? 
  • Will you offer continuing support for issues that may arise after the website is live? 
  • Who owns and handles the domain and hosting accounts? 
  • Will you regularly update the blog and other content sections periodically? 
  • What SEO methods do you use to guarantee my website is displayed on SERP? 
  • Is SEO a separate service or part of the project? 
  • And, a quotation, of course! 

Getting Started with Your Massachusetts Contractor Website Design 

Are you a Massachusetts based contractor business looking for a high-performing new web design? Please get in touch with OpenVine Web Solutions. Learn more about our website pricing here, or get a free quote! 

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