Another year has passed, and many business owners are taking a hard look at
their websites to see how they can be leveraged to draw in more business. It goes without saying that your business website will need to be mobile-friendly
to get found in search based on preferences Google, Bing, and others are now giving to responsive websites in a quest to present searchers with easily
digestible content across devices.

But there are some web design trends that have been growing in popularity over the last couple of years due to their friendly user interfaces and aesthetically
pleasing appearances. Here are some design trends that will dominate in 2016.

Popular Website Designs

Parallax and Long Scrolling Websites

With the dominance of responsive design, users are now more conditioned than ever to check out content
“below the fold” and are used to doing lots of scrolling on mobile devices. This has opened the door to long scrolling websites like this one from
Marmoset, a boutique music agency that creates original music for motion pictures, brand campaigns, podcasts, and other story-telling mediums:

Image Credit: Marmoset

Card Layouts

As the mother of card layouts, Pinterest has proved that cards are a convenient, user-friendly way to present content to
users, and companies like the TheNextWeb and others have followed suite.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Minimalist Websites

Minimalism has become quite popular over the past couple of years and is characterized by a great user experience
and use of negative (often white) space for a clean, uncluttered look. Images are heavily relied upon to relay a strong product message. One great
example of this is the Houston-based mākgoods:

Image Credit: mākgoods

Illustrated Websites

These have been growing in popularity for several years now and aren’t showing signs of stopping any time soon. Munk Pack
does a great job of combining real images with illustrations in a clean, attractive layout.

Image Credit: Munkpack

Storytelling Websites

Customers love a great story. What is a great story? One that is authentic and resonates with a broad audience
in some way. Websites that tell a story, whether it be large or small, through visuals, the language used, and the feel presented can grab users emotionally
in a way that many other websites can’t. Kittie’s Cakes accomplishes this nicely on their website by presenting their goodies in an appealing way and
giving the feel of a boutique, small-town bakery.

Image Credit: Kittie’s Cakes

One final noteworthy trend is increased user interaction. Look for more interaction with websites you visit including popups or slide-outs offering free
content, newsletter signups, and other giveaways for better lead generation.

Well, those are some of the biggest trends going. Are you interested in revamping your business website or having a new one created? Our Boston web designers are some of the best in the business. We can help you create the look and user experience you are after to create a stunning website that drives traffic
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