When promoting your Massachusetts lawncare business website, search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of your inbound marketing efforts.

Gone are the days when people would ask their neighbor for the contact of the lawncare guy. Instead, people today want to put in their time and effort in finding the right specialist to help design and maintain their property. And if your lawncare website can attract visitors, you are in luck.

Your website is what customers use to learn about your services. The good news is that with the right Massachusetts lawncare SEO tips and techniques, optimizing your lawncare and landscaping website isn’t as difficult as it seems.

SEO involves several different practices and ideas that work in tandem to take your website to another level. Finding the appropriate expert to juggle all SEO practices in-house is not practical or worthy in the long run. Instead, hire the right SEO professionals to take over the task!

The following guide shares the top lawncare website SEO techniques that get results. Read on to know what they are!

Massachusetts Lawncare SEO Tips

Invest Time in Keyword Research

When it comes to a strong SEO plan, it starts with keyword research. Find out which words or phrases a potential customer would type in to find your lawncare services online. Search engine algorithms focus on industry-related keywords to understand if your website contains any of them. To get noticed by search engines, you must incorporate the right keywords at suitable places on your website. With several high ranking keywords on your website, search engines will know to present your lawncare website to online searchers.

People will likely use exact keywords when searching for lawncare services in your given area. For example, if they want to hire lawncare specialists in the greater Boston area, they will search for terms such as “best lawncare in Boston, Massachusetts.” It takes a detailed SEO keyword research program to generate the right keywords to target. However, experts such as OpenVine Web Solutions can do this keyword research efficiently with success.

Once browsers access your site, you want the right call-to-action steps to be present for guiding them forward. Visitors don’t like to spend too much time looking for ways to contact you. So have all the buttons, forms, and contact information ready for them. People will likely act if the website guides them smoothly through the steps.

A Mobile-Friendly Website Is a Must

This is a make-or-break SEO tip for all businesses online. A lawncare website not performing on smart devices is a recipe for disaster. Just consider this: a person hears of your exceptional services from a friend. And they instantly decide to check your website from their phone. Imagine how many potential customers you stand to lose if the individual can’t find the contact button or cannot click to follow. So make sure your lawncare website is mobile friendly. OpenVine websites are always optimized to be accessible for all devices.

Speed Matters

Adding large, unoptimized images will drag down your website’s speed, and people don’t have time for a laggy website that refuses to load. Instead, adjust the size of your images and other elements of your website so it performs swiftly, especially on a mobile device, as people tend to bounce off faster when browsing through a phone or tablet. No worries, we’ve got you covered as OpenVine develops websites that improve site speed and retain image quality.

Insert Titles and Descriptions

If you have noticed the big blue line of text (title) followed by two black lines of description (metadata) when you run a Google search, that’s the title and metadata. Search engine bots scan metadata for indexing and ranking websites. They also pick keywords from your metadata. Therefore, make sure your title and metadata give unique and helpful keywords that describe what your content stands for.

title and meta description optimize for SEO Lawncare SEO Massachusetts: Tips to Getting More Traffic
title and meta description optimize for SEO Lawncare SEO Massachusetts: Tips to Getting More Traffic

Create High-Quality, Relevant Text Content

Textual data helps search engines learn what your website is about. Developing valuable and worthy subject-related content can do wonders for your lawncare website. Blogs are a great way to bring awareness to your services. Create a blog where you talk about your expertise, address frequent photography concerns that homeowners run into when tending to their lawn, or even give some insider tips on maintaining a lawn with minimal effort.

What you choose to fill your blog with is up to you, but remember those keywords we discussed? Your blogs will only be influential when balanced with the right mix of SEO keywords. Keep your blog updated by publishing regularly and sending out newsletters to your followers periodically.

Apart from blog content, pay attention to the About page, where you would write a short, catchy summary of your company, skills, and services. Reviews from previous clients also make a positive impact on a potential customer. All this content together will work towards increasing your SEO levels.

Get Exposure and Backlinks

Backlinks are like a nod of credibility that your website gets from other similar-industry websites. Google usually gives you an authority score that reflects how many natural and organic backlinks you have generated over time. Natural backlinks are those that your website collects over time from being recognized and appreciated. Unnatural backlinks are when you consciously try to appeal to others to link their content to yours. Use promotional tools for people to see your content and encourage them to share your word forward.

Use Only White Hat SEO Methods

While legitimate web consulting firms aim to enhance your site’s flow and content, others may use false tactics to hoodwink search engines. You don’t want your lawncare website to be caught up in black hat SEO tactics as they are called, so be cautious.

Black hat SEO maneuvers such as content automation and sneaky redirects can severely hamper the visibility of your website.

Avoid stuffing your page with keywords, try to “cloak” pages, or create “doorway pages”.

Always use ALT attributes on images if the content on your page can’t be formatted in regular HTML.

While optimizing your lawncare website is a good thing, letting the site grow organically is more worthy in the long run.

Work With a Professional Web Development Brand

We understand that dealing with SEO can be a tricky and lengthy process. At OpenVine, we develop your vision towards a successful website with fruitful SEO. Contact us today to get started!

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