Are you a lawncare business in Massachusetts who is looking to expand your client base? This is often easier said than done, but with an amazing website it can easily be accomplished! Today we will discuss the best lawn care website design tips for Massachusetts businesses.

Creating an impressive-looking website is a sure shot way to gain an edge over other businesses in the same field. This article is a comprehensive guide on how to design a lawncare website. It covers everything from the basics of designing to the more advanced aspects such as digital marketing and SEO.

Sound Website Foundation

The best website strategy starts with a sound website foundation. Lawncare businesses with robust groundwork are visually appealing, quick to load, and easy to navigate. According to an Adobe survey, close to 40% of website visitors will bounce off a poorly designed site fairly quickly. On the other hand, almost 70% of browsers prefer to stay on a site that looks interesting. But looks alone don’t convert browsers to customers. If your lawncare website has countless good-looking pages with overwhelming data, it will result in a substantial navigation menu. So, reduce it down to essential elements and simplify the navigation bar to display top priorities, such as:

  • What information are people searching for?
  • What information do you want them to discover from your site?

Create a Mobile-Friendly Design that is Accessible to All

When designing your lawncare website, consider the devices your customers use to browse. The website as a whole should function smoothly when viewed from a device other than a laptop.

Lawncare websites that are not mobile-friendly are at risk to lose out on potential business. Search engines like Google also favor mobile-friendly websites. They even go a step further and penalize those that don’t provide a satisfactory mobile experience.

All popular websites are designed to be accessible for people with different abilities. eAccessibility makes it easy for disabled browsers to navigate website sections.

Encrypting textual equivalents for illustrations and meaningful HTML assists people with sight disabilities using text to speech software. Clickable links and enlargeable font support those unable to use a mouse. Incorporating closed caption videos will help browsers with hearing disabilities and reducing flashing effects on your website will protect seizure prone users. At OpenVine, we design accessible and mobile-friendly lawncare websites that are a breeze for all to use!

Use Customized Content Suited for Lawncare

It’s quite simple to whip up some basic content, but to design high-quality content, the data on your lawncare site must be well researched, organized, and strategically produced. Additionally, premium website content pertinent to the user persuades them to hang around on a website longer, thus increasing your chances of converting them.

The following types of website content, if done right, can turn out to be valuable resources of lawncare for your site:

  • Infographics
  • Blogs
  • Case studies
  • Testimonials or reviews
  • Related Videos
  • High-definition images

To ensure a superior level of website performance, we encourage you to consult with our experts in website content development.

Show What You’ve Got with High-Definition Images

People coming to your lawncare website want to see your past projects. Showcase your best efforts in the best way by getting a professional photographer to click photos of your lawncare projects. Avoid using poor images of partially done projects or low-quality photos. Additionally, professional headshots of your team will also give your website that extra layer of recognition and trustworthiness that customers are looking for.

Focus On SEO Techniques

Now, you got your lawncare website rich with content and images. But it won’t help with driving traffic to the website if browsers can’t find your website in the

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). With the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, your lawncare website can too land in the top page results. SEO tools such as adding keywords, Google Analytics, internal/external links, and alt text are beneficial when trying to rank high online.

Benefits of good SEO content include:

  • Superior website usability
  • Improved site ranking and score
  • Excellent UX
  • Content that is easily found
  • Finding the target audience

An experienced web design company in Massachusetts, such as OpenVine Web Solutions, can help you develop the right lawncare SEO practices for maximum visibility.  Signing up for a monthly SEO service will also ensure you get the most out of your lawncare website designs.

Promote your Brand with Social Media Buttons

A rookie mistake that many lawncare websites make is to not include important social media buttons. Social media platforms are a terrific area for publicizing your services. Whether it is a project you are currently working on, giving live updates as they happen, or even firsthand linking with clients online. Insert social media icons onto your lawncare site so visitors can follow your work. It helps develop credibility with active clients and can help you get new leads! OpenVine also helps you keep up with public accounts with experienced social media managers.

Stay Updated with Website Updates

All websites require some work getting updated from time to time. Updates can range from theme to security updates or content updates. A buggy website is no good to anybody. To prevent this from happening, you need to make regular updates to your website. It is best to get these updates done by a professional web development brand instead of doing it yourself.

Work with a Skilled Web Development Company

Lawncare is your expertise, not website design, and that’s perfectly understandable. But web design is our forte, and we would love to design the perfect lawncare website with you. If you’d like to speak with one of our web design professionals, you can reach us here!

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