Many people are looking for high-quality landscaping services. You need to let them know you offer the best services with a professional landscaper website design. For example, when trying to attract customers to your business, you want a professional website where they can easily interact with your content and convert to leads.

If you want to benefit from immensely higher traffic to your website, you can’t beat working with a top SEO firm in your area. That said, if you would like to try your hand at SEO,  there are some tactics that you can implement yourself. Here are some tips to achieve the best landscaper SEO in Massachusetts.

Pick the Right Keywords

The first step you need to take when designing the website and creating content is to research the keywords. People will likely use specific keywords when searching for landscaping services in your given area. For example, if they want to hire landscapers in the greater Boston area, they will search for terms such as “landscapers in Boston Massachusetts.”

You need to have a keyword research tools in order to locate the right keywords to target. When you target the best keywords, it will be easy to attract more people to your website.

Once they land on your site, you will want to have clear calls-to-action to help convert them from visitors into customers. Use buttons, forms, and company contact information to accomplish this. People will likely act if the website has clear ways to take the next step.

Optimize Your Webpages

Your web pages should be fully optimized to attract the right audience. For example, if you would like to reach out to homeowners looking for landscaping services in Massachusetts, then ensure you optimize your website for the services. You can have different pages that will explain the different services you offer. Search engines tend to rank websites with long and well-thought-out content.

Invest in creating the best web pages that are fully optimized, and you will attract more traffic to your website. When you hire the Massachusetts copywriting experts, they know the proper steps to optimize the website to rank highly on search engines.

Track Your Results

You need to track results when employing different search engine optimization tactics. Landscaper SEO is only measurable if you have the right tools to track your progress. By setting your website up with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, you can easily see many of your key metrics at a glance. And they are free to use!

If you want to make your search engine optimization efforts more effective, you need to track the progress of the different measures you employ. For example, after a given search engine optimization campaign, you need to know whether the strategies are working or not. By setting your website up with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, you can easily see many of your key metrics at a glance and adjust your methods based on the results. And they are free to use!

Write for Humans

When writing content on your website, make sure you are crafting text for humans and not search engines. Make sure your content is unique and not copied from someone else’s website. That is called duplicate content and search engines won’t display it prominently. Also, avoid stuffing your content pages with the keywords you have found. Use them in a natural way throughout your text. Search engines prioritize web pages with more meaty content, so keep that in mind when describing your landscaping services.

Responsive Website Design

Many people nowadays access content on their mobile devices. You need to turn to a responsive web design if you would like to attract more people to your site and serve them the right content. When you have a responsive website, you will increase the conversion rate. People are ready to do business with a website that quickly loads on their preferred devices.

Improve the Site’s Load Time

Your site load time will affect SEO. If a visitor lands on your website and it takes more than a couple of seconds to load the page, they will likely move on to the next landscaper.

Check out issues such as the server quality and the type of content on your website, and tweak it to improve the website load time. Research shows that websites that load faster are likely to rank high on search engines.

Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Landscaper SEO in Massachusetts will attract people in the area you are targeting. Having your listing on Google My Business (GMB) will be a big step towards attracting more people to your website. By providing Google with the necessary business information, you can greatly increase your visibility in your local area. Potential customers will also be able to see your reviews and any posts that you may add to your business listing.

Pro Tip: Adding GMB posts helps draw people to your listing. Consider posting specials, discounts, tips, and other information (including keywords, of course) at least once a week.


If you want to improve your landscaping website’s SEO, following these tips can provide you with good results in a few short months. If you need help with your website’s visibility, we can help! Check out our SEO packages here or contact us to learn how to help your Massachusetts landscaping business grow.

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