Creating an impressive-looking website is pivotal in gaining the edge among other companies – and true enough, HVAC companies make sure that they leave a lasting impression on their website. Growing your business through the web is crucial in gaining more customers and in rolling out the best services your company can offer.

As such, if you want to create an Massachusetts HVAC website design that gets optimal results, we are here to share some of these helpful tips you can incorporate in designing your company’s website.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Design

Creating a website for an HVAC company means that you should treat as this your marketing asset. As such, you need to make sure that your HVAC website meets your customer’s needs. Data shows that 93% of the customers look at a company’s website before choosing an HVAC contractor. Additionally, mobile phone users have skyrocketed since 2018. Over 50% of searches for both commercial and residential HVAC companies have happened from a mobile phone device.

With this information in hand, one of the best ways HVAC companies can optimize their website is by making a mobile-friendly website design. As such, navigation should be clearer and easier, text fonts and styles should be large enough to read, and a click-to-call button should be inserted into your website design. Essentially, if you missed out on making a mobile-friendly website design, you might be missing out on potential customers.

Provide Useful Information to Customers

Being the best HVAC provider means giving necessary and useful information on your website. This allows potential customers to gauge the service your company provides and if it addresses their heating and cooling needs. As such, you should include blogs, FAQs, feedback, and testimonials from customers. All of this needed information gives you the chance to present that your HVAC offers the best solutions amongst other HVAC providers.

Essentially, this useful information adds the “trust factor” customers would want from an HVAC provider. Be consistent in creating and uploading content to your website. Old and outdated content signifies that your website is not updated with the current services you provide to potential customers. You want to design a website that adds in customers for your company’s benefit.

Place Contact Information in the Header

Your contact information is one of the key pieces of information you need to place in your header. Placing this information in a prominent position allows the customers to directly contact your company and ask queries for the HVAC services you provide. In turn, this also signifies that you are both ready and pleased to answer any of their questions about the company.

Essentially, if the phone number is never out of a visitor’s sight, this makes it easier for the customer to navigate the website and eventually call your company. Nowadays, customers will consider switching to other HVAC companies if they find it hard to navigate a provider’s website or the service is both unsatisfactory and poor.

Display Positive Customer Feedback

One of the tips you should incorporate in your HVAC website design is to highlight positive customer feedback and testimonials. This shows how well you treat customers and the quality of service you provide for them. Imagine, 84% of customers trust testimonials compared to recommendations from friends and family members.

Testimonials elevate your company’s authority and give the best impression to the customers that the services you offer are top-tier and impressive. As such, if you are creating your website, make sure that you overtly display these testimonials. Now, if your company earned certifications and awards, you should show them off. Be proud of these hard-earned achievements as these will add more visitors to your website.

Highlight Your Banner Area

One of the things you need to take into account is that once the customers open your company’s website, it will only take them 0.5 seconds to judge your company’s overall performance. The banner area shows off your company’s slogan or message. This message tells potential customers of what your HVAC company stands for and how you treat customers with the quality of services you provide for them.

As the banner area is the first large section on your website, you should use this to your company’s advantage. As you are designing the website of your HVAC provider, make sure that the banner area attracts the visitor’s attention in an instant. Essentially, HVAC website design Massachusetts can play a pivotal role in designing your company’s website.

Stay Away from Generic Stock Photos!

It is an established fact that people can easily tell the difference between a stock photo from a real and novel one. Photos play a key role in designing your website as visitors will instantly see them. Now, if you opted to use generic and stock photos, potential customers will know that there is no effort invested in your website. And, what can this say even more about your company’s service?

Use images of your team, staff, and the customers you encounter in real life. Incorporate these photos on your website. Essentially, images are not just meant to fill blank spaces but they tell so much of your company’s commitment to quality service. If you need to, sprinkle in some stock images, but make sure they are realistic to your business and high quality.


Your website design is your online business card. In order to get the edge over your competition, you want it to look and function optimally. OpenVine Web Solutions specializes in helping Massachusetts HVAC companies with affordable, stunning websites that draw in more website traffic and leads. Contact us to learn how we can help or get a free online quote!


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