Until recently, Google PageRank was a great method to check the quality of a web page. Not only did the tool give website owners and web visitors a good idea of how important—and trustworthy—a web page was, but it offered insight into one of the methods used by Google to determine a page’s relevance (a.k.a. where it should appear in search results).

Unfortunately, there were some annoying side effects—link selling, link spam, and other more unscrupulous tactics. Needless to say, things got ugly.

It is no surprise that Google finally pulled PageRank from public view, although it is still used by the search engine giant as one of many methods to gauge page relevance.

So now what? Does this mean that links aren’t important anymore? No, quality links still matter as much as ever. So where does an SEO professional or website owner go to find indicators on how credible a link is or how well their website is ranking?

Here are some tools to help you learn how various websites rank. None of these will be as comprehensive as Google PageRank, but they will give you a good overall picture of how a website is performing and how trustworthy a link is. This is helpful, at-a-glance information not only for SEO professionals but also for website owners and consumers. After all, wouldn’t you want to know the trustworthiness of a website before pulling out your credit card to make a

As usual, Moz delivers with this handy toolbar. MozBar can help you gather important SEO information so you can streamline your efforts. You can see key metrics for a website, including Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), page analysis, link highlighting, spam score and more. MozBar is available for download for Chrome and Firefox, and it is free! Click here to see a video tutorial. Here is what the toolbar looks like in your browser:

Link Research Tools has developed a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that shows SEO metrics for determining the strength of a web page (LRT Power) or website domain (LRT Trust) to help determine which links are worth building and which should be avoided or disavowed. Click here to learn more about this extension. Here is what it
looks like in Chrome:

Like the two above, Majestic offers some free information as well as “upgrades” for paying users. Just by registering at no cost, you are able to use this massive link intelligence database to find out the domain/URL home page trust flow and citation flow, check backlink history, analyze keywords, and more. Click here for a tutorial on what Majestic offers.

These are just three examples of great tools you can use to keep an eye on how your business website ranks and gather key metrics to better optimize your site. For an amazing list of 153 tools (free and paid) that you might find helpful, check out Backlinko to see Brian Dean’s list here.

If you need help building the trust and authority of your business website for better results in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages), contact us today! We can help you increase the credibility of your site so you can get a higher position in search results.

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