As a financial services provider, you know the competition is high. Marketing strategies are essential to driving consumers to your business. However, aggressive marketing tactics may not always work. Here is where finance SEO comes into play. Finance SEO for Massachusetts companies is a practical and organic digital mix of tools that enables your finance and banking services website to pop up on online search results.

In this post, we’ll go over the advantages of SEO for finance, as well as best practices and proven strategies that will drive natural traffic to your business.

What is SEO for Finance?

Search Engine Optimization is a method to make a website more visible to search engines. As a result, when people search for certain terms on Google, optimized pages for those searches are listed in the results. Therefore, the higher your website ranks in relevant search results, the more clicks you get to your website.

Proven SEO Strategies for Finance Services Massachusetts

Check Your Current SEO Status

To begin with, analyzing the current state of your website’s SEO will help you understand what is needed to fix your existing pages and identify new opportunities.

One can check their current SEO by manually evaluating each area of the site against SEO best practices. Then, use a good SEO checker tool to perform this audit automatically. Some free tools you can use include:

Ubersuggest SEO Analysis Tool

SEMRUSH (free trial available)


Perform a Content Audit

The internet is a content-driven world. Google picks off the financial content on your website to get an idea of what your site is all about. Content also provides added value for browsers and is an indispensable part of your finance lead generation. The more quality financial content you provide, the more people favor it, and so does the search engine.

  • Look at your content pages and see if they satisfy the following:
  • Sufficiently detailed and truly useful?
  • Up to date on all new regulations?
  • Well-structured and easily understandable?
  • Engaging meta titles and descriptions?

Do SEO Keyword Research for Finance-related Terms

Strategically placing well-researched finance-related keywords will let search engines notice your web content. Choosing the right mix of finance keywords is vital for users searching specific financial services. When researching keywords, keep in mind the following:

  • Keywords that users are actively typing in
  • Keywords related to your core financial services business
  • Key topics your company can reliably focus on

Investigate the search intent behind the keyword. Are people comparing services? Are people interested in buying a specific type of service? Are they looking for information about how a particular financial product operates?

This research will help draw an SEO strategy and help you map out your content plan.

Improve EAT Status of Your Website

Google screens web pages through a unique criterion, EAT. EAT stands for:

Expertise- Expertise and experience in your field matter a lot when drawing traffic.

Authoritativeness- Highlight qualifications, awards and other accolades on your web page to establish an authoritativeness score.

Trustworthiness- Advance security measures, privacy policies, terms of service, and other safety features help improve your trustworthiness score. You’ll also want to make sure all facts mentioned on your finance website are verifiable. Clickbait tactics, grammatical mistakes and other errors on your website can bring your trustworthiness down, so proof-reading your content is key.

Improve Site Speed

A high site speed means your website loads promptly. Google assigns a PageSpeed score to all websites out of 100 to imply how fast it runs. Conversely, slow websites impact their own user-friendliness and have a negative effect on lead generation rates. In simple terms, you’ll lose visitors before they even know what you can offer.

Here are a few tips to improve site speed:

  • Optimize your image sizes – large images deter your website speed significantly.
  • Enable browser caching.
  • Keep the navigation bar short and simple.

Set Up Your Profile on Google My Business (GMB)

Having your business listing on Google My Business (GMB) will help convert people who find you online into customers. You can create a free GMB profile and greatly increase visibility in local area searches. Potential customers will also see reviews and any posts that you may add to your business listing. If your finance company has offices in multiple locations, make sure each claims its own separate Google My Business page. Personalize your profile with photos, deals, update posts, and more as regularly as possible.

Follow Search Engine Guidelines Consistently

While legitimate web consulting firms strive to improve your site’s flow and content, others use deceptive tactics to mislead search engines. So be cautious; if your domain is associated with any ambiguous services, it could be banned from Google’s index.

Black hat SEO tactics, for example, keyword stuffing and link purchasing, can permanantly damage your website’s credibility and visibility.

Avoid overfilling your page with keywords, attempting to “cloak” pages, or forming “crawler only” pages.

Don’t use images to display names, content, or links. Instead, use ALT attributes if the content and keywords on your page can’t be formatted in regular HTML.

Keep in mind that Google algorithms can distinguish organic linking from unnatural linking. Natural links build over time when related sites find your content meaningful and link back to it.

So, while optimizing your finance website is a good thing, letting the site grow organically is worthy.

Hire An SEO-Specialized Agency

Cracking the finance SEO code is a multi-pronged strategical approach. Please use these pointers to notice a marked increase in traffic to your website. Should you require any assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to OpenVine! Check out our SEO packages here or contact us to find out how we can help your business grow.

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