Your business website needs to be visible to the search engines, and it’s especially important if you’re in a business that relies on people finding you through their searches. If you are in the medical field, then there are special considerations that can help you stand out from your competition and bring new patients to your practice. Here are some Massachusetts doctor SEO tips that can help increase your website traffic and get more people coming through your door.

Optimize Your Homepage

Doctors who have a hard time gaining new patients should focus on optimizing their website homepage. Your homepage is arguably one of your most important pages; it’s typically what people land on when they type in your business name or location into Google or Bing. It’s critical that you optimize your homepage so that visitors find what they need as quickly as possible. Ideally, potential patients will see exactly how you can help them and contact your office immediately. Additionally, be sure to include calls-to-action throughout your site these are little buttons (such as Get Started Today!) that entice visitors to click through and sign up for something such as an appointment request form or newsletter subscription. If you don’t get many incoming leads from search engines, creating calls-to-action can help you convert those casual searches into actual customers.

Optimize Your Internal Links

The number of links on your site is one of several factors that affects search engine rankings. Each web page should have an SEO-friendly link back to your homepage, at least one internal link (to another page on your website), and an external link (to another site). When links appear in various places across a website, search engines view it as high-quality content; however, don’t stuff every possible inch of your website with links. Keep it neat! One or two are enough. Choose words from your content to be linked rather than generic terms like “click here.” You can also place links after you get approval from Google for a text ad through AdWords. This tool allows you to associate keywords with advertisements so that you can target consumers looking for products similar to yours.

Make Your Content a Good Length

Being in the medical field, you probably have lots of info and advice you’d like to share with your audience. But it’s important not to overload your readers by writing lengthy pages or posts. As a general rule, try to keep your word count to between 1000-2000 words.

Keep your content organized and easy to read; use bullets, lists, subheaders, images, and videos for additional information; make sure that when people arrive on your site, they can find what they need quickly. Don’t ever forget about mobile users! Research shows more internet traffic is being generated from smartphones than from desktop computers which means most people are spending their time online reading on a handheld device (and likely want shorter pieces of content).

Also, consider blogging on a weekly basis. Since you have so much knowledge to share, you can leverage it to attract more website visitors, make search engines happy, and show credibility in your niche. Best of all, blogging helps you build a relationship with readers, who are more likely to develop trust in you and choose you as their medical provider. If you need help with regular blogging, consider working with a professional copywriting service.

Include Important Keywords in the First Paragraph

As a doctor, you want your website to be listed in search engines when people look for topics and information related to what you do. To increase your chances of being found, it’s important that you use some keywords and phrases in your content, especially in those first few paragraphs. In fact, backlinks from other websites are often more effective if they include your keyword phrase or exact match domain name. For example, say someone is searching for doctor SEO Massachusetts, On your page, you want to make sure that you include doctor SEO Massachusetts somewhere in your page so that it can be used as a link by another website. When someone is searching for information about doctor SEO and finds your page on Google, it will rank higher because of its relevancy.

Bottom Line

Doctors looking for ways to improve their web traffic need to look no further than search engine optimization. Incorporating effective SEO methods into your online marketing strategy can boost website traffic by as much as 500 percent. It’s a small investment that has a huge return and in today’s economy, every small investment counts. It’s time for doctors to consider using SEO techniques to increase site traffic and reach new patients

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