The importance of implementing SEO for Massachusetts contractor websites cannot be overstated, given the background of the job.  

Being a general contractor in Massachusetts can be gratifying as you get to help people create something or fix a broken valuable. But with this comes the reality of not being able to rely on repeat business to keep your company afloat.  

As a result, your contracting business may need all the latest marketing strategies to stay afloat and thrive. And when it comes to lasting visibility, few marketing approaches are more effective than search engine optimization (SEO). 

SEO is all about creating content to enhance your company’s search engine rankings, which helps you get on the top page of search, which can then connect with local customers in your area. 

Below, you will find the top proven tips for making your Massachusetts contracting business website more SEO-friendly, generating more leads in the process. 

Contractor SEO Tip #1: Optimized Content Offering Worthwhile Information 

 The mark of a premium website is excellent information presented to attract Google and potential customers organically. Today, people coming to a website will only spare seconds before deciding if you are worth it. Providing substantial content will help you be spotted on search engine results pages (SERP). As more people land on your contractor business page and stay on, search engines start serving up your website increasingly on browsing pages when people search for contractors near them. 

Having the right kind of content is extremely important too. Keyword research is needed to find what people are looking for. Pay attention to the number of monthly searches for that keyword. Nobody wants to write a thousand-word blog for a key phrase that only gets searched ten times in a month. Find a keyword with a few hundred or even a few thousand searches a month.  

Contractor SEO Tip #2: Enhanced Website User Experience (UX) 

Indeed, internet users will most likely click on the first search result, but they won’t stay too long if they don’t like the experience.  

 That’s why your contractor SEO strategy must prioritize user experience. Having an up-to-date website, which is mobile-friendly, and loads promptly, is always an advantage.  

However, the notion of user experience design is complex. It contains quantifiable disciplines such as interaction design, information architecture, visual layout, and non-measurables such as pleasure and sentiment, which are trickier to attain. 

For the best UX experience, a particular focus on the following is essential: 


Your contractor website structure must be glitch-free and straightforward. Visitors shouldn’t have to spend forever trying to understand what your service is all about, and all the vital info must only be a few clicks away. 

 Content readability 

Accurate information and easily understandable content are a must-have on any premium contractor website. Moving background elements or animations that shift the focus away from your message must be avoided. Standard-sized fonts and ample contrast between your text and background are advised for minimizing visual discomfort. 

Conversion opportunities 

Your contractor website should offer enough chances for converting browsers into leads by guiding them to the converting step. Include various calls-to-action (buttons, internal links, etc.) to point people towards the action(s) you want them to take. 

 Contractor SEO Tip #3: Optimized Website Structure 

The goal is to have users and search engines find your relevant content quickly, thus giving your pages more authority. Two primary ways to achieve this are ensuring that URLs are not wrongly named and implementing an efficient directory structure. 

For your contractor business website to perform its best, it must have a sound structure. Keep in mind the following features: 


A mobile-responsive design is vital for any website. Mobile adaptiveness automatically converts the website to fit all devices and screen sizes and ensures that no one is left out. 

 Swift Processing Speed 

A swift, continuous transfer between pages within the website makes the transfer between pages comfortable. Keep animations, menu effects, and video backgrounds to a minimum, as they can bog down the site speed. 

 How can you boost your website’s speed? Try the following techniques: 

  • Condense your website’s images 
  • Combine your CSS files and your JavaScript files 
  • Reduce your HTTP requests 


Your contractor website should have a legitimate, up-to-date security certificate (https://) applied to all pages. 

There should be appropriate security measures to protect your website from external attacks.  

Contractor SEO Tip #4: Adhere to Search Engine Guidelines 

 While legitimate web consulting firms can enhance your site’s flow and content, others use misleading tactics to deceive search engines. So be wary; if your domain is associated with any deceptive services, it could be prohibited from Google’s index. 

Black hat SEO tactics such as keyword stuffing and link purchasing can severely hamper the visibility of your website. 

Avoid filling your page with keywords, try to “cloak” pages, or create “crawler only” pages. 

Don’t use images to display names, content, or links. Instead, use ALT attributes if the content and keywords on your page can’t be formatted in regular HTML. 

 Keep in mind that Google algorithms can discern natural links from unnatural ones. Natural links develop when other sites find your content valuable and link back to it. Unnatural links to your site are explicitly placed to make your site seem more well-known to search engines. 

So, while optimizing your contractor website is a good thing, letting the site grow organically is worthy. 

Contractor SEO Tip #5: Quality Backlinks are Always Beneficial 

Backlinks (also called “inbound links” or “incoming links”) are generated when a page on a different website links to a page on your website. Pages with more backlinks tend to have superior organic search engine rankings. Backlinks are an indicator of how well-known your website is with users.  

In essence, if many sites link to the same web page, search engines infer that the particular web page is worth linking to and worth coming up as a search result. 

One of the best ways to organically obtain contractor natural links is by consistently creating high-quality contractor content, so other websites in your field can pick and link to your website. In addition, manual links are acquired through link earning activities. For example, the backlink would be manual if a material procurement website reached out to your contractor website and requested a link. 

 Contractor SEO Tip #6: An Informative Blog Optimized with Keywords 

If you’re not blogging, you’re losing out on a whole pool of potential customers. 

Blogging about your contractor business can be highly effective in bringing traffic to your website. Some benefits of blogging about your business include: 

Increased Visibility 

When you create a blog, you can reach a broader range of search queries. Blogging gives more diverse search results that your website isn’t able to generate. 

Connect with Your Audience 

When you create blog posts with helpful information related to contracting projects, people will share the information with their contacts. It helps build a community of like-minded people with shared interests.  

More Indexed Pages 

Every blog you create will build another indexed page for your website. More indexed pages give search engines a measure of how credible and reliable your website is.  

On average, businesses that blog go through twice as much email traffic as businesses that don’t. (Source: Opt-In Monster) 

Blogs stand to yield an increase of 434% for indexed pages and a 97% increase in indexed links. (Source:DemandMetric) 

Fret not if you don’t have the inclination to blog; it’s what we are here for!  


If you want to improve your contractor website’s SEO, concentrate on creating high-quality content while ensuring that the UX is user-friendly. Your credibility will build organically, inexpensively, and permanently due to this strategy. 

Along with other technical, on-page, and off-page SEO techniques, these tips can provide you with excellent results in a few short months. If you need help with your contractor website’s visibility, we can help!Check out our SEO packages hereor contact usto learn how to expand your Massachusetts contractor business. 

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