You have likely heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” And if you shop online, you know how helpful it is to see great images of what you plan on purchasing. Harness the natural desire of web users to see great images to boost your brand identity with Pinterest.

Noteworthy Pinterest Statistics

Why is Pinterest such a hot topic these days? Here are some interesting statistics about Pinterest and its users from a study done by Ahalogy (download the complete study here):

  • Pinterest currently has over 100 million Pinners
  • 67% of Pinners are below the age of 40 (a 27% increase from the previous year)
  • 54% of women between the ages of 34-55 are on Pinterest (35% of them with a household income over 100K)
  • Roughly 66% of content posted to Pinterest comes from businesses
  • While around 85% of Pinterest users are female, male monthly users have grown over 120% in the past year

What Makes Pinterest Worth Adding to Your Small Business Social Media Strategy?

Here are some compelling reasons to consider using Pinterest for your Business:

  1. Boost visibility in search. Google and other major search engines detect keywords in pins and often show multiple pinboards in search results related to the product or keyword that has been searched. This is not the case with all social media sites (the most notable example being Facebook).  
  2. Pinterest gives you free marketing opportunities. Pinterest is easy to do. Once you have set up your business account, simply find or take a great image, add some keyword-rich text to go with it, and post it. Now Pinterest users are free to pin it and share it, expanding the reach of your post as its visibility continues to grow.
  3. Expand your product exposure. Pinterest is frequently linked to other social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook and others, so your images can be shared across platforms.
  4. Enjoy post longevity with your pins. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, where your post would be lucky to be visible in the feed for more than ten minutes, Pinterest shows images based on relevancy of search. This means that an eye-catching, keyword-stocked post can continue to have high visibility no matter when it was originally posted.
  5. Drive higher traffic directly to your website. Pinterest provides a hover button that links right to your website, making it easy for users to go directly to your site and pin images directly from your site.

These are just some of the many reasons to give Pinterest a try. Do you need help setting up and maintaining active Pinterest or other social media accounts? OpenVine offers social media management services to help you amplify your brand and message. Contact us today for a free quote or more information.

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