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Beware of Domain Registry of America Scams

Domain name scammers have been around for years, but the Domain Registry of America (a.k.a. Domain Service of America) is one scam that seems to persist.   What they do is send letters or emails to unsuspecting website owners (often small business owners who are not prepared to handle information related to their domains) telling them that they

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5 Benefits to Advertising With Google Ads

When we talk about PPC or click-based advertising, the concept is pretty simple- more traffic results in more leads, and more leads drive more revenue. But even then, people often find themselves demented between various ad platforms. We are here to clear your confusion about the biggest online advertisement platform. But before we walk through

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Beware Of Phishing Scam From “Experienced Photographer” Threatening Copyright Violation

Recently we have heard from some of our clients that they have received one or more threatening emails from someone named "Mel." The sender claims to be a photographer and/or illustrator (depending on the email) alleging that the client used her photos or illustrations without permission. In all instances, this email is submitted through the website

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What Is Schema Markup And How Does It Help Your SEO Strategy?

If you are anything like me, schema markup seems like a nebulous term, and one that requires some technical chops to understand. But after digging into the subject, it was much easier to understand and implement for the benefit of clients looking to optimize their websites to bring in more quality leads. In this post,

Small Business Tips For Dealing With (And Adapting To) The COVID-19 Crisis

There is no doubt that we are in the middle of a crisis. Regardless of your feelings on COVID-19, and the country’s reaction to it, one thing is for sure—many businesses of all sizes are getting hammered. A lot of small businesses with limited budgets have found themselves in a precarious position. Some will not

Tips To Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns More Effective In 2020

Are you looking for a way to build and nurture relationships, convert leads into customers, and lengthen your customer lifecycle? Then email marketing should be a part of your digital marketing strategy for 2020. With the rise of social media and content marketing, many small business owners wonder if email marketing is a dying art. Far from

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Tips For Building A Lead-Generating Restaurant Website

The restaurant business is fiercely competitive, so owners are always on the lookout for ways to stand out from the competition. One of the best things you can do to attract customers is to have an attractive, mobile-friendly website that is easy to navigate and highlights your eatery’s great features. If you want to draw website visitors

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5 Common Small Business Website Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

If you are a small business owner, you already know how important an attractive, user-friendly website is for your business. But do you know that there are some common mistakes you might be making that are driving away customers? To help you turn your website into a lean, mean customer-conversion machine, we thought it would

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Six Stand-Out WordPress Plugins For Small Business Websites In 2020

There is no shortage of amazing WordPress plugins out there for businesses to take advantage of. With over 54,000 available, you can find a plugin for just about anything you want to do on your website. This dizzying array of options can be overwhelming for small business owners. To cut through the clutter, we’d like

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How To Handle Negative Online Reviews: Tips For Small Business Owners

Online reviews can be an amazing tool to help your small business drum up new customers. The “social proof” that comes from positive reviews gives consumers the confidence to invest in your products or services even if they aren’t familiar with your brand. But as you may have experienced, bad online reviews can be brutal.

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