A showstopping and dynamic DJ website is only fitting for taking your musical skills to the next level. Your DJ website is a tool for spreading your music and brand name to potential customers. A Massachusetts DJ website design should contain all the essential features to get you more gigs. If you own a DJ website in Massachusetts, here are the best tips to help your website stand out.

Premium-Level Website Theme and Template

No good DJ should have a slow-loading website that refuses to load or play sound samples. Fortunately, there are several great website themes and templates to choose from today. A WordPress website design agency like OpenVine can help you find the perfect DJ theme and template to produce a responsive, fast-loading, accessible, and fully customizable website for your DJ business at competitive prices.

Please Don’t Stop the Music

A DJ website without swooning music samples is like blooms with no fragrance. You cannot expect to run a successful DJ website without having any models of your work on display. Having an advanced audio player facilitates easy listening for online browsers when visiting your website.

Steal the Show with Stunning Visuals

Even though your art is not one of visual nature, you definitely want your Massachusetts DJ website to include eye-catching images. People will likely react to personal photos of your work more than they do to words or sounds. Pictures on your website will connect you with your online visitors personally and increase your chance of attracting DJ gigs.

Investing in a professional photography session with a brand like OpenVine is worth considering.

Tell Your Story

How did you develop your passion for the music industry? Were you self-taught, or did you learn under the tutelage of another pro DJ? What’s your style? Your Bio should talk about you and your tryst with Djing that got you here. Share what inspires you, what kind of music is your passion, and anything else of relevance to your career as a DJ. Having a blog that shares invaluable tips about the business and your experiences also helps inspiring artists find your page on search engines.

Display Your Past and Upcoming Events

Through your website, tell online visitors what you are upto. For example, keep snippet recordings of past shows you’ve done. This will attract promoters and talent hunters to know your experience as a DJ and can help establish bookings through your DJ website.

Share where you are playing that month through a schedule or planner and keep it updated. Provide details like cover charges, specials, and other expected performances.

Have a Music Services Page

A music services page is ideal when you want to describe the services you offer as a DJ. List out the acts you provide and the estimated price for each performance. Be as clear as you can so those looking to book you know precisely what they will get.

 Do you create or make music in addition to playing at events? Make sure to add some context there as well. Offering your mixes for sale or streaming is a good idea to share your talent with potential customers. If you’re a DJ who often plays corporate functions, private functions, weddings etc., include a song list. 

Add a testimonial or two from a satisfied customer to round out the services page.

Get Booked

For instant conversions, you must have a contact form in place on your DJ website design. Make sure there is a custom form to collect details and give a personalized quotation for the event.

To fill up your working calendar with paying gigs, use ‘Book Now’ buttons to allow site visitors to book you for events right there and then. You can also use the booking app to charge a deposit or the entire fee (if you have fixed prices) and easily manage your working schedule.

 Last but not least, confirm that your contact address, contact numbers, and social media tags are up to date and accurate. People looking to reach out will not hunt you down, and you stand to lose potential events by having unreachable email addresses or non-existent social media handles.

Whether you’re starting your career as a DJ or a music industry guru, OpenVine has an arsenal of tools to help you take your DJ career to the next level. 

We’ve provided you with some tips for your DJ website design in Massachusetts in this article. OpenVine’s web design experts can help you create a website that will WOW online browsers and help you book more gigs. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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