Your landscaping website is going to be the structural foundation that attracts visitors and turns them into paying customers. Having a good landscaper website design in Massachusetts is going to be the determining factor between 1-2 and 30-60 leads per month.

Not only will the right web design company build you a beautiful landscaper website, but they can also make sure to do on-page SEO by placing the right words in the right location to land you on the first page of Google. But you as a landscaper are going to have to do some things yourself once they actually get on your website in order to earn new business.

Read on for five tips to creating a great landscaper website design.

Lead Your Customer Through the Landscaping Process

As a landscaper, you have the benefit of creating some amazing outdoor spaces for your customers! You need to show the beauty behind your work on your website. People love to be led and it’s your job as a contractor to walk them through what the process is going to look like. Your landscaper website design needs to be doing what it’s supposed to do which is lead a customer to call you and purchase your services. It’s going to be your ability to guide the homeowner through the process to get them excited that is going to earn their business.

Get Them Emotionally Involved First

If people see you as just another landscaper they might go to someone else who can do it for a lower price. You need to show that you can go above and beyond what anyone else can do. Give them a vision of what their backyard could be.

Use pictures to show your work as well as give them a mental picture. Alongside showing pictures of your work, describe to them an image of what their backyard could look like. Insert emotional feelings into the designs that you’re making such as getting cozy with their significant other while sitting next to a fireplace that you would build them outside their house.

Before and after photos really help bring this idea to life. Including a photo gallery or several high-quality images is a must for any landscaping website.

Let Them Know about Awesome Upgrades Up Front

Instead of feeling like you have to upsell people over and over in order to make a profit, list all possible upgrades and add-ons on the website so the homeowner already knows what the options are. This is going to take your landscaper website design to another level while letting the website do the heavy lifting for you.

When someone calls you, they already want your business because you designed an awesome website. Now they already know what upgrades they want and you just tell them the price. People are going to upsell themselves for you without you even having to mention it. This will increase the overall price of many of your jobs.

Make a Brand of Your Process

You want to show your customer that you have an easy process that only your company does, and the way you do it is the best way. This is going to be a gamechanger in your landscaper website design. Massachusetts residents don’t want this done just any way, they want this done the [insert your company here] way.

It establishes your brand as a process and separates you from other landscapers. Homeowners are going to come to you because they want it done your way. You’ll be the gold standard of landscaping design in Massachusetts.

List Your Prices at the End of the Process

When you’re a landscaper the price is the price. It’s very objective because you know the quality of the work you do and you know how much it costs to do the work. You know what you need to do to hit your numbers.

But you already got them emotionally invested through your process and now they are willing to pay any price you charge. If we can hit this objective on the website, anybody that contacts you through the website is going to be a solid lead. The homeowner wants it done the [your company] way so they look at the price as an investment into their dream and not as just a landscaping service.


Your landscaper website design should be built in a way to encourage people to get enthusiastic about talking with you. Instead of talking people into purchasing your services over the phone, you can guide them through the process on your website which will save you so much time. Your website is going to be your best and cheapest employee.

It’s going to sell your services to people so that when they call, they’re ready to spend money with you. It’s going to work time and time again and weed out tire kickers that are not serious about working with you.

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