So you are ready to embrace a new, responsive website to provide your visitors with a superior viewing experience across all devices. Smart move! With major search engines now showing preference to mobile-friendly sites, static sites can find themselves out of sight in search results and out of the minds of potential customers.

Now that you are thinking about making the switch to a responsive design, you want to make sure you present your message in the best possible way to current and would-be customers. It is important to remember that mobile users are often, well, mobile. They may be searching while on the bus, waiting to pick up a kid from school, or perusing online at the end of a lunch break. That said, your website should clearly present key information right off the bat.

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your website for mobile viewers and increase customer conversion rates:

  1. Streamline Your Website Layout. At OpenVine, we subscribe to the “don’t make me think” school of thought. This means that we think it is important to clearly show visitors the information they are looking for (and what business owners want them to see) without making them dig for it. This includes a clean, uncluttered design; simple, user-friendly navigation; intuitive calls-to-action; and a limited number of pages. Users should not have to click more than a couple of times to find what they need.
  2. Use the Home Page to State Your Value Proposition. Mobile viewers are especially antsy, so you will want to briefly and clearly explain the value you offer to your website visitors. A couple questions that you will want to answer are: 1) Who you are, 2) What visitors can do on your website, 3) What solutions to problems you can provide to visitors, and 4) Why your company is the one to choose over others in your niche. (What makes you special?)
  3. Keep Your Content Pithy and Customer Focused. Chances of visitors wanting to scroll through a lengthy company manifesto are nil. Stick to the point, remembering your goal—to attract the right audience and direct them to a product, service, or other bit of information. This does not mean that keywords and quality content are not still important, just that presentation should be concise. Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal buyer persona(s) when creating your content.
  4. Include Clear Calls-To-Action. Your home page, as well as other pages on your site, should contain clear calls-to-action to direct your target audience further into your sales funnel. Whether you are offering a piece of content, a free trial of one of your products or services, or you are asking visitors to sign up for a monthly newsletter, be sure to include an obvious CTA near the top of the web page where it can be easily seen.
  5. Provide a Maps Feature. Do you have a brick and mortar location that customers can visit? Consider offering a map feature for easy access to Google Maps so web visitors can find you quickly when they are traveling around town.

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The tips above are some of the basic suggestions for a positive mobile experience. Google has guidelines that every web design team (and business owner) should try to follow in order to make the mobile site as search engine friendly as possible. Here are some of Google’s mobile-friendly search factors:

  • Text should be readable without any pinching, stretching, or use of a magnifying glass. (Okay, the last one was ours.)
  • User should not have to scroll horizontally to see content—only vertically scrolling is recommended.
  • Links, buttons, and menu items should be far enough apart that users don’t inadvertently click the wrong button/link.
  • Website elements should all be compatible with mobile devices—no Flash-based content.

Not sure if you need a website overhaul? If you want to test your current website to see how mobile friendly it is, go to, enter your URL in the field, and click the “analyze” button to find out how Googlebot sees your home page.

Did you see something that looked like this during your mobile friendly test?

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