When we talk about PPC or click-based advertising, the concept is pretty simple- more traffic results in more leads, and more leads drive more revenue. But even then, people often find themselves demented between various ad platforms. We are here to clear your confusion about the biggest online advertisement platform. But before we walk through the benefits of Google Ads, let’s have a look at the types of Google Ads.

With 91.86% of the search market share, Google ads offer the biggest traffic pool to various businesses across industries. If you are aiming to increase calls to your business, or send more visitors to your website, or guide potential customers to your online store or a landing page, it’s time you should opt for one of the following types of Google Ads.

  • Search Network Campaigns: If you want your ad to appear on not only Google SERPs but on Maps and hundreds of other search partners of Google, such as Youtube or Google Shopping.
  • Shopping Campaigns: Instead of a user’s keyword, Google uses product data to determine where to place an ad for it.
  • Display Network Campaigns: You can use Google’s display network to show visual ads to users.
  • Video Campaign: You can make a video ad for your company that Google will promote on YouTube or other display network properties.
  • App Campaign: If your ads are displayed on Google Search, Google Play, Google Display Network, Google Discover, AdMob, or other search partners and publishers that use app ads, it is considered a Google ads app campaign.

Benefits of Using Google Ads

Reliable & Effective Ad Targeting

If you want your ads to reach a specific audience type from a particular location, try Google Ads. With diverse ways of targeting, you can leverage Google ads to expand your reach to potential customers. To effectively target your marketing campaign, Google Ads gives users many options for optimization, including:

 keywords, ad location, potential buyers’ age, location, & location, the different times, days, frequency of showing ads, and devices where your ad should appear. 

Cost Control

Unlike many other platforms, Google Ads has no minimum to spend on Ads. Users get better cost control with options available for managing their ad spending per ad, per day, or month. The only time you pay is when someone clicks your ad. 

Easy Management

For easy management & monitoring of various ad accounts, Google provides you with a wide array of tools. My Client Center or MCC manager account is one of the robust tools that can save you time managing multiple Google Ads accounts. In case you want to work on your campaigns offline, Google Ads Editor, a free desktop tool, can help you download account information and make changes to your campaigns offline. It allows you to upload the changes later to Google Ads. 

Valuable Insight

Perhaps the biggest and most important benefit of running Google Ads is that your efforts are 100% measurable and scalable. If you combine Google Ads with Google Analytics or other analytical tools, you can get valuable insight into how your ads perform. It allows you to maximize your profit and improve the conversion rate with every new campaign. 

Faster Than SEO

Let’s forget about Google Ads for once and think, how would you like to rank on the top of Google SERPs outranking your competition? Having an SEO strategy in place is always good to reap the long-term benefits of search engines. But Google Ads can get you the top spot on Google search results bringing short-term but instant traffic to your website.


Here we conclude the benefits of running Google Ads for your business. If you own an online store, leverage Google ads to get the most out of your advertising efforts. While Google ads may drive potential customers to your website, several other things need to be in the right place to get maximum ROI. 

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