Time flies when you’re running a business, and technology is continually evolving. While that website you had designed years ago may still look good, it might not be performing the way it should be for today’s users, leading to missed customer conversion opportunities.

While some signs that your Foxboro MA business website needs a “refresh” are pretty obvious, others are not so easy to see. Here are ten tell-tale signs that it’s time for a new website design.

1. Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

In 2016, mobile traffic surpassed desktop searches. If your website is not responsive and requires visitors to pinch and pull to view your website content in mobile views (especially tablets and smartphones), there is a good chance that you are losing customers and being penalized by search engines with a lower standing in search engine results pages (SERPs).

2. Your Website Load Time is Too Long

If your website takes over six seconds to load when visitors land on the site, it is likely that you are losing traffic. Research shows that about half of visitors searching for information spend only ten seconds or less on a website before deciding whether or not to move on to the next one to find what they need.

3. Your Design is Just Plain Outdated

Trends in website designs are always changing, and in 2018 website designs are wider, cleaner, user-centered, and complemented with high-quality, eye-catching imagery. Is your site narrow and static? Is there movement? Does it look cluttered? Are the images old, tiny, or of poor quality? Is it just plain boring? Not only are outdated websites less enjoyable to view, but statistics also show that about 50% of visitors feel that website design is the number one thing that speaks to the credibility of a business– for better or worse.

4. It is Difficult to Navigate to Important Information

There are few things more frustrating than not being able to find important information on a website. Today’s focus (and rightly so) is on the user experience. Our Foxboro website design team subscribes to the “don’t make me think” model. This means that when you plan the design and navigation, you make sure visitors can get to the information they are looking for within a couple of clicks. Need ideas on how to present information? Check out your competition. See what you like and don’t like about how they present similar information and use it as a starting point for your new design.

5. Your Website Information and/or Branding is Outdated

Do the information and images on your website accurately reflect what your company offers? Are your new products or services highlighted? Are there amazing images to go with them? Does your website logo match the logo on your other marketing materials?
Your website is your 24/7 salesperson. It should contain the most current information about your business at all times.

6. Your Marketing and Lead Capture Methods are Disjointed

A great website platform will offer you a powerful CMS system to capture and store leads as well as an email marketing feature to gather newsletter signups and send out branded one-off or recurring email marketing campaigns. If you are using different programs for each of these tasks, you would be better served with an “all-in-one” website with marketing features.

7. Your Website is Not Showing Well in Search Results

There are many factors that come into play when considering why your website isn’t showing on the first page or two of search results. These include load time, responsiveness, the amount of fresh content that is added to the website, the usability, and other factors that search engines take into account to deem your website “valuable” to searchers.

8. Your Website is Hard to Update

Are you able to easily add content to your own website, or are you dependent on a developer to make updates? In an age where content is king, you want a website platform that allows for easy updating, so you don’t waste valuable time trying to get fresh content onto your site. Keeping content fresh is important for potential customers and search engine optimization

9. You Have High Bounce Rates and Low Conversion Rates

If your website analytics show low conversions and high bounce rates, your website design may be the culprit. Check your stats to see if certain pages have unusually high bounce rates or if it is happening across the board. Also, analyze your pages to see why customers may not following through with the next step of your sales funnel. Do you have clear calls-to-action throughout your website leading visitors through the customer conversion process?

10. Your Business Has Outgrown Your Website’s Functionality

Maybe you started out with a simple informational site, but you would like to have an e-commerce component. Or maybe you have grown to the point where your design can’t accommodate all of your information is a user-friendly way. A new website design can be just what you need to showcase your expanding products or services in a way that is easy for visitors to navigate.

Foxboro MA Business Website Design Made Easy

Updating a website is no small task, but to stay ahead of the competition it’s important to provide visitors with the best possible website experience at all times. At OpenVine, we make it easy to update your website. Our Foxboro web development team specializes in high-quality, user-centric website design in Foxboro, MA, and surrounding areas.

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