Are you thinking of starting a blog for your business? Maybe you are already posting blog content and are looking for blogging tips to make your blog an even more effective internet marketing tool.

You’ve come to the right place. Below are a list of ten tips from some of the most successful bloggers and marketers in the business to help you get the most from your business blog.


1. “One smart thing to do in order to improve the search engine traffic for your blog posts is to conduct keyword research while you write them.”

Eugen Oprea, RainmakerHQ

You have no doubt heard the buzz around including relevant keywords in your content for better results in search engines. If you are new to keyword research, check out our post, A Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Research, for details on how to get started.


2. “The first thing someone will notice about your blog is the different titles of your posts, but it doesn’t mean that needs to be the first part of the blog post you write”.  

Rachel Sprung, Product Marketing Manager for HubSpot

Blog post titles are crucial to the click-through rate of your blog posts. Rachel recommends writing your post first and then going back to the title after you have finished to fine tune it. The title should be relevant to what you have written and engaging—peaking the interest of your audience without being overly sensational. “Tips and tricks,” “Top XX lists,” and “Quote” posts are some examples of common attention grabbers.


3. “Don’t even waste your time. No matter how good your blog posts are, if the intro doesn’t grab attention it’s no use. You’ve wasted your time on the rest of the post that will likely never even get read.” 

Jeff Bullas, Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer

Blog readers are a finicky breed because there is no shortage of information available online. If your introduction isn’t engaging, your visitor will likely bounce to the next post they find in search results. Check out our tips for writing web content for more information on writing for the web.


4. “My name is CONSISTENCY, I am related to SUCCESS. We should hang out more often than…every once in a while.”

Kim Garst, Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer

Try to blog as frequently as possible. Studies show that the more frequently you post to your blog, the more valuable it is in terms of search engine optimization and web traffic. Disclaimer: this only works if you are providing quality content. If you are strapped for time, choose quality over quantity, but aim for a minimum of one blog post a week.


5. “Mention, quote, include, and reference influencers.” 

Rand Fishkin, Founder of

Add authority to your content by including quotes or research from key influencers in your niche. This blog post is a classic example of a “quote post,” where we back up our tips with those of some of the best blog and social media influencers around. Using facts and statistics, complete with links, also gives your information more credibility to help you build trust with your audience.


6. “No one cares about your blog unless you are adding value to their lives in some way.” 

Jonathan Milligan, Founder of

Maybe you have written the best post ever on custom goose clothing. While that is probably a riveting read, unless you are a goosewear seller or manufacturer, it probably won’t get the traffic you are hoping for. Regardless of your business type, it is important to identify the needs and interests of your target audience and write posts geared towards those interests.


7. “First tip for having a Google Friendly Blog? High quality content.” 

Jason Mathes,

As mentioned previously, quality trumps quantity. Avoid keyword stuffing and bloviating in favor of helpful or informative posts formatted for easy reading on the web.


8. “I made a decision to write for my readers, not to try to find more readers for my writing.” 

Seth Godin, Industry Leading Author and Blogger

Remember that first and foremost, your blog posts are written for the benefit of your readers. Web traffic and all of the other benefits blogging offers are secondary.


9. “Growing a mailing list is possibly the most efficient way we increased the reach of our blog. Without it, you’ll have to be meticulous about with whom to share your new articles in the hopes of getting retweets, +1’s and backlinks.” 

Thibaut Davoult, Professional Blogger

Thibaut recommends including a mailing list subscription area in your blog so if readers like the type of content you are providing, they can sign up to receive emails, thus automatically increasing the reach of your posts.


10. “It sounds like a bit of a cop-out, but I think that the most important blogging tactic for business is content that shines. Readability is key, research has shown that people read differently online and while it’s often tempting for writers to use long, convoluted words, it’s not advisable.”

Kerry Butters, markITwrite CEO

Blog posts should be visually appealing and easily skimmable so readers can get the gist of what you are saying without wading through long paragraphs of text (because they probably won’t). Some suggestions for writing great business website content include short paragraphs, ample white space, visuals to accompany your text, bulleted or numbered lists, and other formatting options to make your content easily digestible.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully these ten tips from the blogging pros have given you some great ideas and inspiration for your business blog.

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