Boston’s Best Search Engine Optimization

Your company website needs to be not only visible but prominent in the results of all the major Internet Search Engines. About 40,000 new websites are registered every day and getting any Boston website to stand out amongst all of them can present a real challenge.

Google alone boasts over 200 million daily searches, but every search engine is responsible for indexing and keeping tabs on literally hundreds of millions of other sites. Ranking your placement at or near the top of any Search Engine Results is the primary goal of any Search Engine Optimization or SEO project.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization refers to several technical methods that are used when building any serious website, and sometimes to retrofit or improve a standing website. Intended to improve your rankings in search engine results, all of these techniques together are referred to as Search Engine Optimization. An expert understanding of how Google, Yahoo! and Bing “read” your site is important to the process, as is a good understanding of how all of them then rank sites based on what they read.

Even if your site is exclusively for the Boston marketplace, search engine optimization can help you to target more exclusive Boston local traffic and fewer visitors from the rest of the world. Search Engine Optimization strategies can work even better for the hundreds of smaller marketplaces surrounding Boston.

Your Search Engine Optimization project may be more complicated if you have an existing website which is already performing well for some of your needs, but for which you wish to improve results. In such cases, you may not want to scrap your entire site and replace it with a new one which is very often what some businesses do with underperforming sites.

How Our Search Engine Optimization Process Works

These are the basic ways that OpenVine talks with Boston Website Owners before any Search Engine Optimization project begins.

  • Keywords: Keywords can be thought of more simply as search terms, that is, the words that people actually type into a search engine. Any number of more or less competitive keyword combinations can get you the search engine results you need, and normally we recommend trying to compete with as many keywords as you can.
    Thorough professional keyword research needs to be performed before we begin. The conversion results from PPC advertising campaigns, as well as records of your site analytics could make this process easier and faster, but Search Engine Optimization experts can also look carefully at how your competitors’ web sites are performing, target some of their keywords and perhaps find some new ones along the way.
  • Site Content: Following up on your keyword research, your search engine optimization will include re-writing and editing your existing web site content to include the keywords. In many cases it will mean creating new content, adding it to your website and, of course, watching the results. Read more about how OpenVine handles Site Content and Copy Writing here.
  • Link Building: Still important for Search Engine Optimization, convincing quality, highly ranked and related sites to link to your site can be one of the most time consuming and long term phases. It’s also one of the areas that the Search Engines themselves seem to be tweaking every time they change how they rank sites.

That means that you won’t benefit from a lot of low quality sites, or “link spam” sites set up specifically to fool the search engines. But it also means that you can benefit more than ever from Social Networks, and from sharing more content on Social Media. Click here to read more about how OpenVine uses Social Media for Business.

The Boston Experts in Optimization

OpenVine has years of experience working with established Boston business sites and with launching new ones. We’ve followed the Boston Search Engine Optimization scene since its very inception and we’ll be very pleased to discuss your current traffic, conversions and how you’d like to better harness your corner of the internet.