Pay Per Click Advertising

Focus and Strategy

Pay Per Click Advertising is still the best marketing buy for plenty of industries and business models.

These tiny four line ads are some of the most powerful links on the internet and there’s still no faster or simpler way to target some markets, and to quickly reap benefits from search engine marketing. Unfortunately, Pay per Click advertising can be complex, time consuming and per click advertising

Just about any keyword or keyword combination imaginable has been purchased but costs for chosen words can vary widely. So, a strategy always includes finding a balance between how much you’re spending and the return you’re earning from the clicks you’re receiving. All of this needs to be carefully monitored. Even without years of experience buying and monitoring Pay per Click advertising success and failure, a solid strategy will include careful monitoring of which keywords combined with which ad sales copy are converting the best.

Why Pay per Click Advertising?

In old media terms, Pay per Click advertising is a good deal because it simply puts your ad in a very high traffic environment where lots of eyes can see it. Pay per Click advertising allows you to buy ad space exactly where other websites are only hoping to be after months and months of SEO work.

From a new media perspective though, Pay per Click advertising allows you to target that ad placement to such a degree that it is literally only being shown to viewers already seeking exactly what you are selling. No old media advertising can come near to matching the accuracy and precision of Pay per Click Advertising.

So what’s the problem?

The biggest challenge to Pay per Click advertising remains the proper identification of keywords. These need to be expertly researched, with your strategy in mind. Even then, only applying them to live ads can really begin to clue you in to which words, or which combinations of words, are actually converting.

Any of the major ad servers, Google, Yahoo or Microsoft, will be happy to take your money while you learn which keywords work best for you. For all but the biggest advertising budgets, this is simply not the best strategy.

At the same time, the wording of your Pay per Click advertising also needs to be expertly crafted. This is some of the most refined and distilled sales copy that you will encounter anywhere on the internet. Ad copy needs to be carefully matched for best performance with the search keywords where it is displayed, and some combination of compelling messaging, instilled interest and eye popping appeal needs to be employed to actually get your target to click.

Don’t forget. Once they click, simply sending them to the front page of your website is probably not your best option. A good strategy is to send them to expertly crafted landing pages or squeeze pages. These should have limited messaging, minimal options and a focused sales message. Where you’re sending your Pay per Click advertising traffic is as important as how you get it. Click here to read more about OpenVine’s work with Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages.

Ongoing costs for Pay Per Click advertising can quickly start to add up, so there isn’t a lot of time to experiment with keywords or ad copy or with landing page copy. But some experimentation is always a good strategy no matter what you happen to be selling. If you’re selling more than one thing, the experimentation can just get more extensive.

But rest assured, the rewards are out there.

Certified Expertise and Years Watching What Works

OpenVine offers some of the finest minds in the Pay per Click advertising industry. We develop, optimize and maintain your campaign in tandem with meeting your other search engine optimization goals and complementing all of your other internet outreach initiatives.

A complete focused strategy should maximize your visitor conversions and maximize your lead conversion in the shortest time possible, while keeping ever alert for opportunities or changes in your marketplace. Contact OpenVine today, and we’ll be happy to discuss a Pay Per Click advertising strategy and work we’ve already done in your industry.