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There are many graphic designers out there that can create a good logo design. But “good” won’t necessarily help you achieve your goals. We take it a step further to create a memorable brand that will connect you with your customers in a lasting, meaningful way. Colors, lines, and shapes all convey different messages and evoke different feelings like trust, authority, safety, or even community.

Choosing the right design will take your brand to the next level and help your company resonate with customers like never before.

Logo design ideas, often enough, don’t achieve these purposes, and in many instances need to be upgraded or modified to meet your Boston company’s new, more social goals.

Your logo design company needs to have a thorough understanding of all the places your company’s logo design can and will go, both in print and online. OpenVine’s logo designers have helped a number of businesses and organizations create logos, branding, and marketing materials that help connect them with their target audience. Contact us to learn more about our logo design process.

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Custom Business Logo Design and Branding

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OpenVine’s graphic designers use best practices for logo design, branding, and corporate identity. Here are some considerations for any logo design project:

  • Research other logos from companies in your niche

  • Ensure that any logo design accurately represents the company
  • Choose the best typography and color options

  • Follow best logo design principles

  • Create an exceptional, memorable logo design to fit the company identity
  • Follow brand guidelines for cohesiveness across all platforms

  • Create a brand personality that matches the organization or personal brand

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