Logo Design & Corporate Identity for the New Social Company

Logo Design and corporate identity in Boston is changing, and changing quickly. Often little understood, today, corporate identity and, indeed, your logo itself, need to be designed with your company’s role, presence and goals in the social media universe kept always in mind. That’s on top of everything else you want your logo to do for you.

Logo design, often enough, does not achieve these multiple purposes, and in many instances will need to be upgraded or modified to meet your Boston company’s new, more social goals.professional logo design

Things to keep in mind when it comes to Logo Design, re-design or Corporate Identity include, among other things:

  • Established Brands
  • URLs and Website Names
  • Product Names
  • All Number of Visual and Graphic Design Elements, for print and internet
  • Personal and Corporate Profiles on and off of your site

Down to the tiniest 32 pixels of the favicon, your logo designer needs to have a thorough understanding of all the places your company’s logo design can and will go, in print and on the internet, in Boston and beyond.

Today, the chances to make a good first impression are as numerous as there are people out there waiting to learn what you do. A glance at your company’s business logo design is often enough for even thoughtful Boston customers or clients to decide if you’re the right fit for their needs.
But corporate identity can be carried much further.

Does your Logo communicate what you stand for? Or what your customers stand for?

Never before in history can so many Boston companies enjoy the benefit of having customers pass that corporate identity from customer to customer to customer. “Sharing” is the goal of nearly all Social Media, and there’s no reason your logo design shouldn’t be easily shareable as well.

Of course, a logo needs to instantly communicate your corporate identity and everything you stand for, but imagine what it can do for you when it communicates what your customers stand for.

The point is, logo design and corporate identity are a part of your social consideration, whether that means local Boston, or people who know and respect your company anywhere in the world.

Communicating exactly “who we want to be” is a powerful step into a corporate identity that does the work for you. Boston companies are today enjoying free word-of-mouth marketing, business referrals, and an endless stream of the interested, engaged clients who identify with their companies and their business.

Design for Who your Customer Wants to Be

OpenVine’s designers need to carefully consider the following in every logo design and corporate identity.

  • Uniqueness – is your logo as easy to distinguish, compelling and prominent as a person’s face?
  • Clarity – Clear, uncomplicated and understandable. Where ever your logo travels, no explanation is necessary. It tells the public what kind of person is presenting it.
  • Colors – Red and exciting is always an eye catcher. Green and cool is sometimes political and sometimes quite another thing entirely. The personality you want to reach needs to be this accessible.
  • Enticement – A good logo design allows all your contacts to re-interpret it and to perceive your brand as complex and interesting as they are.

Business starts with a good logo design. But from there, a good logo needs to flatter your customers, their good taste, and their unique identities.

Much more extensive outreaches, beyond Social Media and beyond Boston, are possible of course. You’ll be making them. When you do, you want a corporate identity that is working with you in the same universe, and a logo design that perfectly fits your own role online and offline.

Don’t trust your corporate identity and your logo design to anyone less than the Boston experts in Social Media and in everything that your new identity can do for you.