A passion for eRoom and collaboration

eRoom expertiseeRoom was first created in 1997 by a company called Instinctive Technologies in Cambridge, MA. OpenVine founder, Bill Germino, worked for Instinctive in the early days when eRoom was just burgeoning in the market (Instinctive subsequently became eRoom Technologies, which was acquired by Documentum and then EMC).

Bill worked directly with clients and was pioneering best practices in the new software market of online collaboration.  He designed innovative eRooms to meet the business needs he was encountering and these ideas spread into many different customer deployments.

Expertise in eRoom Consulting, eRoom Training, and eRoom Design

OpenVine is dedicated to working with our customers to provide comprehensive collaboration solutions and deployment practices across all facets of your organization, that will improve your ability to compete more effectively in today’s global economy. OpenVine consultants work with you to provide solutions that:

  • Improve eRoom usage and deployment across your organization
  • Improve management and oversight of complex, multi-step processes
  • Improve communication for globally distributed project teams and suppliers
  • Enable faster, more accurate information sharing with suppliers, partners, distributors, and most importantly, your key customers.
  • Improve sales, product quality and lower development and manufacturing costs

OpenVine consultants are eRoom collaboration experts. Averaging 7+ years of direct eRoom consulting experience, our consultants have the broad level of eRoomexpertisenecessary to provide innovative and proven collaboration solutions within the High-Tech, Manufacturing, Aerospace and Defense, Education, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Publishing, Finance, and Telecom industries.

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to get the most out of eRoom. Whether you want to improve R&D, PDM, marketing, partner / distributor management, financial compliance, supplier / supply chain management, global communications, or just improve your overall eRoom deployment practices, Open Vine has the expertise to help you utilize collaboration to improve productivity in today’s complex, distributed organizations.

No solution can be successful however unless the infrastructure exists to support it. Open Vine consultants have the expertise to ensure your success over the long term by providing advanced deployment and training services. Whether you currently have eRoom deployed across your organization, or are in the process of deploying it, OpenVine consultants have the experience to analyze and provide the most effective deployment practices for your organization. With our deployment evaluation, recommendation, and implementation services you’ll know your organization is adopting and using eRoom effectively

OpenVine backs these services up with basic through advanced eRoom training to ensure your organization’s success. Whether its end user, advanced implementation, Community or Site Administrator, or internal deployment support training, OpenVine is your eRoom partner.

OpenVine is ready and able to work with you and your organization. OpenVine’s extensive eRoom consulting expertise puts us in a unique position to provide your organization with the solutions and services that will provide you with the most effective and productivity enhancing collaboration solutions available, enabling you to take your eRoom collaboration investment to the next level.

eRoom Consulting that is flexible and focused

We offer eRoom Best Practice Consulting that is tailored to your needs.  It can be as focused as you like.  Have a question about enterprise databases?  Want advice designing a new eRoom?  Need help troubleshooting an application error?  Want to leverage more eRoom features?  Need 15 minutes of training on how to configure a poll?  We can cover them all.  Think of us as your own eRoom expert.We’re flexible.  We can talk via web conference, email, or online discussions.  At the same time, you might want a structured eRoom training class.  We can deliver it online or in-person; half day, full day, or multiple days, or even 90 minutes a session.  Our goal is to deliver what you need when you need it, making it affordable and a good return on investment.

Here’s how it works

Purchase a block of time that suits your needs

Schedule some time. We work with you to determine the best way to use it.   For example, you might purchase 4 days of consulting, use two days for an onsite visit, one day for a series of 90-minute workshops , and the balance for “on demand” consulting.

We track our time against your balance, and purchased time blocks are good for 12 months!

Ready to Proceed?

Please tell us what your needs are, and we can put together a quote for you.  Get a Free Quote or Ask a Question.

eRoom Hosting—High Performing,
Reliable, and Secure


OpenVine Solutions, Inc., provides a professional hosting service for EMC’s web-based collaboration software, eRoom.  We act like your IT department and hosting center for eRoom software. You purchase the software licenses from EMC (and we can help with this as needed). We take care of the rest. That means you own the licenses. We provide you with excellence in eRoom administration, support, and a strong track record of solid eRoom hosting. Contact us for pricing.The delivery of this service is done in partnership with 8×8 Dedicated Hosting, an industry leader in enterprise application hosting.  OpenVine selected 8×8 because of its commitment to customer service, security provisions, and network stability and performance.

Network Performance

8×8 has engineered one of the fastest and most reliable networks in the world. It has multiple data centers, each with multiple Internet transit providers, including the Tier 1 carriers: Level(3), Global Crossing, and Cogent Communications. eroom-hosting-data-centerIts network has a performance-optimized blend of over 300,000 routes of paid transit. They examine reachability to Internet service providers across the globe and bias the routing to send traffic through the best available path. This results in a network infrastructure that provides low latency and high speed content downloads to broadband users worldwide. In addition to the paid transit, 8×8 uses over 34,000 routes of direct peering, receiving peer routes from a variety of content delivery network (CDN) providers such as Limelight and Akamai as well as large Asia Pacific carriers such as Singtel, China Unicom and Bharti Airtel Limited.

Network Reliability

All of the equipment is attached to large scale uninterruptible power sources to maintain system availability during a power disaster. Automatic transfer switches transparently move loads from grid power to diesel generators keeping the network and servers online during power failures. At all times, power is fed through a battery-based UPS system to ensure continuity during a transfer event, as well transient filtering and surge suppression for equipment longevity. 

Data Center Infrastructure

Cooling. DataAire optimal ambient temperature / humidity climate-controlled environment IncludedFire Control. Smoke/Heat fire detection with pre-action chemical dry-pipe fire suppression Included
Building. Concrete reinforced super structure with Zone 4 seismic bracing standards
Certifications. PCI compliant. SAS-70 compliant.

Data Center Security

  • 24/7/365 physical security with human presence plus archived video surveillance Included
  • Photo ID, Key-Card and Biometrics scan security access control
  • Server farm secured in steel cage pods with servers in locked rack cabinets

Application Security

User Names and Passwords. To access the eRoom environment, a valid username and password must be entered.  Passwords are encrypted and self-selected, and must be at least 8 characters long and “complex.” Repeated attempts to access a user account will lock it, and requires an administrator to reactivate it.Object-level Access Control. Within the eRoom software, the function called Access Control governs the rights of access and editing on every object in the eRoom.  A document, for example, can be set so that only some members of the eRoom can see it, and others can edit it.
Encryption of Transmitted Data via SSL. Data transmitted between the server and the user’s machine is encrypted using secure sockets layer (SSL).
File Encryption. eRoom uses FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards ) 140 compliant encryption modules within the eRoom server.  Documents and files stored in eRoom reside physically on the eRoom File Server, which employs Windows Encrypted File System (EFS).
Backup procedures.  We perform automated weekly full backups and nightly incremental backups of all eRoom data.

eRoom is registered trademark of EMC.

eRoom Design―customizing eRooms for your business process

eRoom template design is our forte.  The process involves working with a group or individual to design an eRoom for a specific business process.  For example, one company formed an enterprise-wide Technology Exploration team to research and recommend technologies for the company.  Working with eight team members, we designed and built an eRoom that tracked each technology, allowed for discussions and voting, provided contact information, managed their meeting information, stored review documents, and provided useful links to web resources.  It was a huge success and time saver for team members!

We have dozens of real-world examples and best practices to help in this process, including some very creative ways of using eRoom.  This service, in our view, is the highest value you can add to your eRoom deployment, because it completely customizes this collaboration tool for your needs.

eRoom Template Design Service

Audience Business Groups or Individuals, Pilot Teams
Format Consultant-led with some Hands-on work
Length 2 days
Capacity Varies depending on group, but no more than 12
Prerequisites Identification of a specific business process for which eRoom will be customized


The eRoom Template Design involves working with a group or individual to design an eRoom for a specific business process. Prior to the session, we work with you to determine your needs, who needs to be present for the session, and schedule the date(s). Typically, the people that need to be present are the ones who best understand the business process.  Here are the primary steps involved:

  1. If the users are new to eRoom, we begin with a 2-3 hour overview of it. If not, we go right to the next step.
  2. Collect information on the business process.  This may involve flowcharting, diagrams, reviewing existing documents, and anything else to gain a common understanding of how things work and what your needs are.
  3. Design a rough structure of eRoom.  All first and possible second tier folders are in place.  Some workflow may be started at this point.
  4. Fine-tune and polish.  This steps involves adding instructions, links, graphics, and other navigational elements, as well as ordering items, completing databases and workflows, and any other items needed to get it ready for use.
  5. Review and refine as needed (optional).  May bring in next tier of users for this.

Please note that no two sessions of eRoom Design ever go the same.  We’re very adaptable and work with the resources at hand. We follow the above process to ensure your objectives are met, but we tailor each step according to your situation.

Time Frame

The process to build an eRoom involves many factors.  Our experience is that one eRoom ranges from 3 hours to 4 days, and two days is the optimal time.

What’s a Template?

An “eRoom Template” is an eRoom that can be reused by many groups and is designated as a template.  This is common when you have many ongoing and similar projects.  By building one eRoom project template, each new project gets its own eRoom.  Not all eRoom Design sessions are for templates, some are just for “single-use” eRooms.

To order this service for onsite delivery or for additional information please contact us.

GalleryView for eRoom


  • View thumbnails of eRoom documents and preview them in a LightBox viewGalleryview by eRoom
  • Create full-sized slideshows
  • Use Instant File Finder to produce a list of your nested files in a folder, database, or the entire eRoom.  A great time-saver!
  • In ListView, quickly preview files just by hovering over their icon
  • Clean up the “dead weight” in your eRoom by using the Delete document command on selected files
  • In GalleryView, hover over documents to see author, revised date, and other document information
  • Perform a full-text search of documents and return the results in GalleryView
  • With one click you can navigate to the “parent” folder where the document is stored
  • Multiple ways to sort your documents and select number of results per page

EMC Documentum eRoom for your enterprise collaboration needs

eRoom is one of the leading web-based collaboration software products on the market.  It is one of the few such products that’s enterprise-scalable and built from the ground up for the sole purpose of providing a “digital workspace.”  If you’ve never used such a product, it’s worth checking out.  Think of it as a virtual meeting space on the web, where teams can work on projects, collaborate on common initiatives, and share resources and ideas.

eRoom has features that allow users to store files, have online threaded discussions, make decisions through user voting, set automatic versioning on documents, have a live chat, and store loads of data with a built-in, robust database tool.  In addition, you can set all kinds of security, get e-mail messages of what’s happening in the eRoom, set up approval and other workflow processes, and easily manage users, all without needing help from your IT staff.  And remember, this is completely web-based, so an Internet connection and browser is all that’s required to take part in the eRoom, which is especially useful for workers that are dispersed geographically.

See more information about EMC eRoom.