In Email We Trust

If you’re marketing doesn’t already include a strong targeted email marketing plan, you’re either very big, or you’re missing out on the better part of your revenue stream.

Getting your message out there has never been more affordable, effective and lucrative than today. Targeted email marketing makes increased business not only possible, but it establishes your brand, possibly your own name or your company’s name and keeps customers coming back month after month after month. Smaller businesses today use targeted email marketing to quickly and comprehensively corner their segment of the market and even to outsell much larger and better funded competitors.
Targeted email marketing is also used to maintain relationships and to better inform customers. Particularly important in information heavy and long lead-time industries, targeted email marketing allows for:

  • Professional Reputation Building
  • Expert Status for the Sender
  • Relationship Building
  • Ongoing Leads Generation
  • Long Term Referral Business
  • Simplify complex or information heavy products or services through fully automated messaging

Even automated educational courses or a 52-week email series are possible. Targeting and really knowing your customers’ needs maybe something only you can do. But OpenVine can get you a long way towards doing it effectively. With expert knowledge of how and why consumers use and visit certain areas of the internet, what they’re expecting and what you can do to be the first one to meet their needs is all part of the targeting process.

At the end of the day, Targeted Email Marketing is all about Trust.

Establishing and maintaining a trusting relationship with your clients or customers can take some time, again, depending on the complexity of the business and the perceived risk your clients or customers face. But there is no better way to establish your reputation and provide the answers your customers are seeking than through targeted email marketing.
Targeted email marketing requires expertise, some online tools and a full understanding of how they work but the rewards are significant, even in some very difficult and challenging fields. In fact, the more difficult your market, the better Targeted Email Marketing can work for your business.

Proven Results for Conservative Budgets

Email marketing’s ability to track results and to modify tactics to continually improve results simply works far better than any other marketing out there. Versatility and affordability have made it the logical choice for smaller and medium size businesses no matter the industry or market.

OpenVine regularly consults with smaller businesses to set-up, maintain and publish email marketing campaigns that are as effective as any marketing out there. They complement the full range of all of your other online activities and results can be measured by:

  • New Subscribes and Un-subscribes (Leads Generation)
  • Delivery/Open Rates
  • Click-Throughs
  • And obviously, through actual Sales that directly result from individual and multiple email message campaigns.

OpenVine uses a variety of inexpensive tools to target clients and get any business’s fully targeted email marketing underway quickly. For some businesses, we train them and deliver a complete package ready to send out messages, and ready to track those messages. We can then consult to better hone your message or the effectiveness of the campaign, and maybe to build your list a bit faster.

We’re also able to fully manage and run a targeted email marketing campaign, over many months establishing your reputation and your list of leads, no matter what industry you’re conquering.