Effective e-Commerce Websites that will boost your profits

No matter what your business is currently doing online, there is often an effective and profitable e-Commerce solution to bolster your bottom line.

e-Commerce websites for both B2B and B2C firms are re-inventing entire industries with better reach, better online marketing, and better sales. The e-Commerce websites and integrated e-Commerce software currently on the market have literally transformed the global economy. Though descending from the mail order catalogs of yesteryear, today’s e-Commerce websites are full-featured and personal, allowing established firms to better reach more and more customers.

Sell More Online!

ecommerce website designWe can provide an integrated solution that will put your business into a better position in your market. Whether you stock one product or thousands, OpenVine will help you sell more. We’ll do this while simplifying your entire back office and affordably automating as much of your operation as possible. The e-commerce websites we deliver are cloud-based databases—hosted solutions.

As such, we’ll allow you to quickly improve efficiency without the need for expensive programming or database development. e-Commerce websites today quickly and easily allow you to:

  • Automate credit card processing
  • Calculate shipping charges and schedule pick-ups
  • Generate fantastic integrated invoices
  • Instantly produce dynamic catalogs that track inventory and tell you when to reorder
  • Fully track sales with customizable reports
  • Products, services, documents, images, even ideas are commonly sold today, along with everything you’re already selling.

In fact, some of the stodgiest and most boring B2B firms have turned into some of the most innovative and successful ones, even adding whole new consultancies and knowledge-based products to existing their sales offering. e-Commerce websites have helped companies to move overstock or depreciated stock that was impossible to sell even a few years ago, and they’ve allowed those same companies to cut costs dramatically on everything from warehousing and storage to staffing and marketing.

Marketing and Sales that Actually Complement Each Other

Today’s e-Commerce websites are also an extension of a lot of innovative and ongoing online marketing. Some of that marketing goes on in social networks or blogs, far from the e-Commerce websites that actually pay the bills.

OpenVine has e-Commerce websites and integrated solutions that can flood your business with paying customers. We can do that on a scale appropriate to your needs and budget. e-Commerce websites benefit even the most specialized niche markets.

e-Commerce Websites that Deliver

OpenVine can put your products or services online so you can:

  • Push Specials to where your customers are!
  • Sell directly from Social Media
  • Track everything so that you’re always learning and fully informed of your business results
  • Take all orders automatically, at any time
  • Respond promptly to your web any inquiries with no additional staff
  • Leverage more connections and more experience than ever before

The hype of e-Commerce may have preceded the reality by a full decade, but today, OpenVine is helping small businesses grow more than ever.

No matter who your customers are, we can custom design and roll-out a solution based on your present business model.

OpenVine relies on years of experience, deep-industry knowledge of B2B and Consumer e-Commerce and lots of hands on experience making things work. Contact us today to learn about e-Commerce websites, and the integrated comprehensive service that puts them to work for you.