Copywriting & Strategic Content Creation

Hello! Is anybody reading this?

Your visitors allow you about 3 seconds to communicate what they want to hear.

If visitors aren’t compelled to read further then your message was just sneezed into the wind.

copywriting services BostonThe online copywriting on your site is arguably more important than any other design or functional aspect of your website. Good online copywriting is absolutely vital for Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation & Conversion and for eCommerce Sales. It’s also just about the only way that your larger message is going to get out there.

OpenVine recommends a strategic content creation plan and online copywriting developed with your navigation in mind along with a strong dose of optimization that guides the entire process.

Spiders Gorging on Your Keywords

Online copywriting and all content needs to be emotionally heightened for normal human readers, and optimized to be “read” by curious Search Engine Spiders, too. They’re mostly interested in what words are repeated in your copy, and how that same online copywriting has been formatted. That’s what “reading” means in spiderland, and it’s how spiders can know what your online copywriting is about.

The truth is, those spiders are far more thorough and patient than any human reader. So, online copywriting needs to have a natural feel and to be easily “scannable” for impatient humans. It also needs to be formatted and to repeat the right words – keywords – for the spiders. Click here to read more about using keywords in the context of search engine optimization and content.

A Stable of Cracker Jack Wordsmiths

OpenVine maintains a team of on-staff and freelance writers who are highly skilled in keyword-rich online copywriting, sales copy, SEO copy, and with backgrounds in as many industries as there are websites. They need to have all of this knowledge together and be excellent copywriters besides.

OpenVine works with website owners and administrators to provide these writers with the keyword research necessary to produce

  • landing pages
  • article pages
  • product descriptions
  • and on-going content where necessary.

We even work with some website owners to create a publishing and editorial schedule to strategically plan for adding more content and copywriting in the future.

In today’s competitive internet, you may be surprised at how much content you actually need.

Many strategists today recommend that every website owner think of themselves as a publisher of information along with all of their other professional roles. Though not entirely unheard of, a truly competitive, high-traffic site of under 50 pages is increasingly rare. Depending on the competitive nature of your industry, in many cases individual pages and online copywriting are useful for every one of your keyword combinations.

But don’t be alarmed. Today’s websites are designed to be fully expandable, easily maintained and added to. Frankly, adding more online copywriting and pages is almost always more cost effective and affordable than trying to optimize a single page for more than one keyword phrase.

Full Content Management

OpenVine offers affordable and expert systems for managing all of this, and we can even do most of it for you. But as important as online copywriting is to your site, it’s not the only place you want a professional edge.

MultiMedia Madness

Photos, Graphics and Video Content also need to be fully optimized, possibly re-formatted and professionally edited. On the one hand, this is done for your human readers. But oddly, those patient and critical spiders, so important to your search ranking, haven’t learned to see videos or images the way they read the rest of your site. They only read online copywriting.
So the same team of writers needs to complement as many of the images and other multi-media on your site with written content, usually descriptive copy, at the same time they’re optimizing it for people.

Online copywriting, content development and multi-media also need to work for you off your site. OpenVine works with:

  • email marketing
  • business blogs
  • social media for business
  • article marketing
  • online video marketing
  • webinars
  • educational materials
  • trade forums and professional sites, among many others.

This is an important strategic facet of online copywriting and website content development that is often overlooked.

As your site is developed and new streams of traffic are coming in, OpenVine will work with you to analyze results, tweak them and sometimes to open up whole new areas of business that we only learn about by learning what customers want.

That’s what makes online copywriting and content development so exciting.

Need help writing content for your blog or website? Contact us today to learn more about our copywriting services, including outsourcing your blog posts to our expert copywriters.

Landing Pages for Leads and Conversions

Landing pages are like that initial smiling face of your business on the internet. The first place your visitors are likely to land, landing pages are the best chance you have to show up. If you’ve ever been late for an important meeting, you understand the imperative that you should feel whenever you consider your landing pages. Optimized landing pages are likely the key revenue generating pages of your entire website.

Well designed landing pages are the first place that many visitors will encounter your brand and, from there, you have only a few moments to either convert that visitor into a lead (and collect an email address) or wave goodbye. Show them too many options, too many distractions, or absolutely everything that you do, and the likelihood is they won’t find what they’re looking for.

OpenVine Business Websites are designed to allow for multiple landing pages that better direct your visitors to exactly what they’re looking for, and to convert them into leads. But if they’re not purchasing right now, then they’re still likely to disappear forever. Lead conversions are the #1 concern.

Optimizing landing pages can often mean experimenting with design, photos and written copy to find the most successful combination. OpenVine has built and optimized hundreds of landing pages and their simpler counterpart, the single purpose Squeeze Page, and even ulta-compact single purpose mini-sites.

Converting visitors into leads should be the sole function of all of your landing pages. Lead generating landing pages and squeeze pages need to be custom tailored, tweaked and tracked to maximize those conversions, giving you the continuous stream of leads to grow your business.

Many online marketers will experiment with multiple versions of the same landing page, track the results and eventually settle on the landing page design that maximizes conversions. If you’re a small business owner, you should consider your online work in a similar light. Converting leads from an optimized landing page is simply too big of a revenue pool to ignore.

Landing page design and optimization can take place on your site or on numerous other friendly locations around the internet. OpenVine has designed and implemented research campaigns and conversion campaigns to build lists and to retain leads, but every project relies on adherence to a solid set of initial principles.

  • Know your Customers – Know what they value and the value they expect from your organization. Your landing page should cleanly communicate what they can expect.
  • Build Trust – Credibility in a landing page is built through testimonials, guarantees (including privacy), and photos or illustrations. Effective landing page design relies on all of these.
  • Simplicity is Everything – What separates a landing page from every other page of your website is usually the singular purpose. That means that visitors are simply signing up for your newsletter or for a value-added bonus. The one result you should expect from your landing pages is an email address. But a list of those email addresses can be a very important thing.

Leads are interested. They’re often uncertain but they’re willing to hear more from you. Building trust through email marketing may continue for a period of weeks or months, depending on the nature and expense of the sale you’re hoping to make, and your readiness to really exploit email marketing.

Again, OpenVine provides experience, methodological expertise and serious strategy for Landing Page Optimization, Leads Conversion and the Email Marketing that makes it pay off.

A pool of qualified leads is a tremendously valuable asset to any business. Leads generated through a properly designed landing page or squeeze page will sustain many businesses for months or even years.

OpenVine will be happy to discuss optimizing existing landing pages, your entire site, or a campaign to maximize your lead conversions through a comprehensive program designed just for your business, your industry and the service you provide. With deep industry experience, there are simply no better landing pages on the internet.