A Powerful All-In-One Content Management System

Our content management system (CMS) goes beyond content management—it is an all-in-one business management system. Forget integration problems and plugin patches. Our unified online business website platform gives you the freedom and flexibility to integrate the specific features you need to be successful.

The IvyPress CMS offers the following powerful features:

Flexible Content Management System

content management systemEasily access and modify page content, web forms, web apps, blogs, modules, social media and more using our one-stop content management approach. Our Microsoft Word-like editor makes editing web pages a breeze, and the archiving and rollback feature lets you easily undo web page errors. The integrated CRM gives you the ability to apply content approval rules to any web page or template to help you better manage changes to your site content.

SEO-Friendly Online Store

IvyPress boasts a powerful eCommerce platform for a fully customizable online shopping experience. Our platform makes it easy to modify and add products and other content and includes features that allow you to easily run and track affiliate programs, automate recurring orders, sell physical and digital products, integrate shipping, sync with Quickbooks, and more!

Built-In Modules

These dynamic modules include blogs, events, photo galleries, ad rotators and much more.

Email Marketing

Easily create targeted recipient lists, set up pre-configured, customizable newsletter templates, and personalize email marketing campaigns with our email marketing capabilities.

Built-In Customer Database System (CRM)

Our CRM system seamlessly integrates with online eCommerce orders, web forms, memberships, and content management features on your site so you can provide your customers with better service. With just a few clicks, you can set up workflows to automatically notify specific team members in the system of important events and easily manage customer details.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Stay on top of key website, online marketing, eCommerce, and lead mangement data with our powerful reporting tools. With IvyPress, every customer interaction is recorded to give you a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and allow you to see the big picture of your business website’s performance.

Complete Service Integration for Your Online Store

Our CMS has everything you need, from international payment gateways to custom shipping options to social media and social sharing integration.

Secure Hosting

IvyPress offers secure hosting for your website and email accounts.

Not sure what you need? Our powerful content management system is fully customizable to provide you with all of the tools necessary to help your online business run smoothly. Best of all, you can easily add features to accommodate your growing business in the future. Contact us for more information on the comprehensive CMS features we offer or Get a Free Quote.