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Website Trends for Small Business Owners in 2019

Another year has passed, and website trends continue to shift based on customer preference and designer innovations. Your website is your online business card, and it is the first thing most customers will see when they look for your services. What kind of first impression do they get when they land on your site? If

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10 Signs That Your Foxboro MA Business Needs a New Website

Time flies when you're running a business, and technology is continually evolving. While that website you had designed years ago may still look good, it might not be performing the way it should be for today's users, leading to missed customer conversion opportunities. While some signs that your Foxboro MA business website needs a "refresh"

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How to Create Web Content for Evolving Search

Although inbound marketing has made great strides over the past decade, search is still a dominant force when it comes to reaching potential customers online. In fact, Google alone boasts over 3.5 billion searches per day--roughly 40,000 queries per second. How Search Engines Have Changed Over the past several years, the rules for creating content

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Search Engine Optimization Tips for Restaurant Websites

The food industry is competitive and, as with many niches, restaurant website SEO includes certain techniques specific to its industry. To start, let’s define SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the strategy used to increase website visibility organically using free on-site and off-site optimization techniques. This does not include methods involving ad spend. There are

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Will Having RSS Feeds on My Website Help Increase Website Traffic?

It is no secret that search engine optimization is a hot topic for website owners. And with all the competition out there, SEO pros are always looking for additional ways to increase search visibility and traffic to websites. One proven way to gain more website traffic, even when you don’t rank well in search results,

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How to Optimize Your Business Website to Rank for Surrounding Areas (FAQs)

Many small business owners are looking for ways to improve their visibility online and rank for locations that they service or those which are in close proximity to their physical location. This is important, especially if you are in a small town near a large city and you would like to tap into the customer

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Troubleshooting a Drop in Your Business Website Traffic

Google and other search engines frequently index websites, which means your business website can be “re-assessed” frequently to determine whether or not it is providing consistent value to searchers. Over time, you may find that your website traffic is beginning to decrease. This can happen for a number of reasons, many of which are easily

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The Psychology of Color—What Do Your Colors Say About Your Business?

We all have our favorites—colors that we are naturally drawn to. Whether we realize it or not, colors take center stage when it comes to the decisions made by potential customers, as different colors elicit different feelings.  How much so? According to statistics compiled by, about 93% of purchasing decisions are made based on

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Using Google Trends to Find Long-Tail Keywords for Your Business Blog or Website

In the past couple of years, a tidal wave of content has been created as marketers, SEO professionals, and business owners begin to recognize the power of valuable, consistent content. To stand out in this sea of content, savvy business owners are beginning to harness the power of long-tail keywords to target searchers more specifically

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7 Ways Your Website Could Be Repelling Visitors

Many website owners look at their website analytics and see that website traffic is steady, but it isn’t translating into customer conversions. Are you in this boat? There are a variety of reasons why website visitors bounce from a website, and most can be fixed without too much effort. Here are some of the most

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