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How Small Businesses Can Leverage Video Marketing for Big Results

It seems like businesses of all sizes are using videos to promote their products or services. And with good reason.Video marketing is exploding due to increasing customer demand for video content. Take a look at these video marketing statistics: Last year, Forbes reported that website visitors spent an average of 88% more time on a

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Five Tips to Improve Your SEO with Video

Video marketing is quickly gaining popularity among marketers because of statistics showing increased levels of visitor engagement, higher conversion rates, and improved search engine optimization value when videos are utilized for marketing purposes. With companies large and small clamoring to produce quality content, a well-produced video can be just the thing to capture the attention

5 Types of Videos That Will Increase Engagement on Your Small Business Website

Are you considering creating a video to promote your company or a product or service you offer? You are not alone. Study after study reveals that visual content marketing, including video, has an exponentially higher rate of consumption than written text alone.  Here are some statistics on video that you may find interesting: According to

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