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How to Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority

What is a website’s Domain Authority (DA)? This is a number that conveys the authority of your website. The rank goes from 0-100, with the higher-authority websites ranking higher on the scale. Why does this matter? The higher your website’s domain authority, the better chance you have of ranking higher in search engine results pages

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What Is Schema Markup And How Does It Help Your SEO Strategy?

If you are anything like me, schema markup seems like a nebulous term, and one that requires some technical chops to understand. But after digging into the subject, it was much easier to understand and implement for the benefit of clients looking to optimize their websites to bring in more quality leads. In this post,

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Small Business Tips For Dealing With (And Adapting To) The COVID-19 Crisis

There is no doubt that we are in the middle of a crisis. Regardless of your feelings on COVID-19, and the country’s reaction to it, one thing is for sure—many businesses of all sizes are getting hammered. A lot of small businesses with limited budgets have found themselves in a precarious position. Some will not

The Importance of Using Google My Business for Small Business Owners

Google My Business has been around since 2014, yet many businesses haven’t claimed their business listing. Have you set yours up yet? Did you know that it can go a long way to increase your online visibility? In this post we will explore the reasons why setting up and managing your Google My Business page

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LinkedIn Advertising: How to Set Up a Sponsored Ad to Reach Potential Clients

Are you a B2B company? If so, you probably already know that LinkedIn advertising can be a great way to reach your potential customers. After all, roughly 57% of companies have a LinkedIn Company Page, and a higher number have personal member profiles. Because LinkedIn is a professional network, chances are that many businesses you

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Hyperlocal SEO Tips to Increase Your Visibility in Search Results

Many businesses use search engine optimization to target certain cities or regions. But what if you are trying to attract customers within walking distance? In this case, general terms may not be enough. Hyperlocal SEO can help you increase foot traffic in the neighborhoods you’re trying to reach with hyper-targeted keywords combined with on-site website

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11 Proven Marketing Strategies to Help Grow Your Small Business

If you are running a small business, chances are you are wondering which marketing strategies will help your marketing dollars stretch the furthest. Here are some of the best marketing tactics to help you get the most bang for your buck. Marketing Tactics for Small Business Owners The most important first step you can take

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7 Tips to Help Small Businesses Compete with Large Businesses in Google Search Results

Many small business owners are disappointed with their current standings in Google search results. It may seem like a losing battle when trying to compete with larger companies who have been around longer and have invested a great deal of time, energy, and marketing dollars in order to rank at the top of search results

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Six Effective Online Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business in 2019

Many small to medium-sized businesses wonder how they can leverage the power of online marketing to bring in more website traffic and grow their businesses. While there are a number of options available, trying to implement every suggestion you come across can be nearly impossible—especially without a dedicated marketing team. Quite honestly, not every marketing

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Online Directory Submissions—Will They Help or Hurt Your Small Business?

Not too long ago, online directory submissions were all the rage in the search engine optimization world. New directories were popping up like daisies and businesses were clamoring to get listed everywhere and anywhere … that is until Google algorithm updates came along. After websites got the cold shoulder from Google for linking to any

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