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Options for Local Online Advertising—A Basic Overview for Small Businesses

A common question we hear from clients is “What are my options for local online advertising?” Great question! Since the internet has been billed as a global connector, many overlook the great opportunity it holds for targeting a local demographic. More and more, consumers are turning to the internet as a go-to resource to find

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Increase Your Online Visibility by Listing Your Business in Search Engines

With all of the search engine optimization talk out there, there is an often overlooked method of increasing your rankings and visibility in search engines—listing your business with the major search engines. Submitting your business information to Google, Bing, and Yahoo is simple and free and can greatly improve your odds of getting seen by

How to Use Twitter for Your Small Business Sales and Marketing

Why Does Your Small Business Need Twitter? Certainly it is a waste of your work time to be “tweeting” and “following” on a consistent basis, right? Not exactly. According to the Digital Buzz Blog, 34% of marketers have reported leads generated through Twitter. Last year, Ask Your Target Market conducted a Twitter survey showing that


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