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5 Benefits to Advertising With Google Ads

When we talk about PPC or click-based advertising, the concept is pretty simple- more traffic results in more leads, and more leads drive more revenue. But even then, people often find themselves demented between various ad platforms. We are here to clear your confusion about the biggest online advertisement platform. But before we walk through

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Hyperlocal SEO Tips to Increase Your Visibility in Search Results

Many businesses use search engine optimization to target certain cities or regions. But what if you are trying to attract customers within walking distance? In this case, general terms may not be enough. Hyperlocal SEO can help you increase foot traffic in the neighborhoods you’re trying to reach with hyper-targeted keywords combined with on-site website

11 Proven Marketing Strategies to Help Grow Your Small Business

If you are running a small business, chances are you are wondering which marketing strategies will help your marketing dollars stretch the furthest. Here are some of the best marketing tactics to help you get the most bang for your buck. Marketing Tactics for Small Business Owners The most important first step you can take

Six Effective Online Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business in 2019

Many small to medium-sized businesses wonder how they can leverage the power of online marketing to bring in more website traffic and grow their businesses. While there are a number of options available, trying to implement every suggestion you come across can be nearly impossible—especially without a dedicated marketing team. Quite honestly, not every marketing

How to Leverage Google Business Posts to Get Your Message Out

If you have been searching for businesses over the course of the last couple of months, you may have noticed some additional features within Google business posts that weren't there before. Google posts - posts that appear within the Google business listing (which appears to the right of search results) - are now an option

Eight Tips to Get the Most from Your Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords currently has over 1.2 million advertisers worldwide and generated the bulk of Google's over 89 billion dollar revenue last year (Statista). Why did they make so much? While it doesn't work for everyone, many business are finding that Google AdWords is worth the price in for the amount of leads generated through it's

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Four Small Business Internet Marketing Resolutions You Should Make for 2017

Another year has come and gone. Now that the revelry of the season has passed, 2017 is stretched out in front of us like a blank canvas—full of possibilities! This year, take your business and profitability to the next level by making these internet marketing resolutions: Start a Blog for Internet Marketing (or Be More

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Increase Your Business’s Online Visibility with Online Directory Services

Long gone are the days when consumers pulled out the trusty phone book to find local businesses. Now your potential customers are turning to the internet to locate the products and services they are looking for. Will they be able to find you there? If you are like many small business owners, you are always

How Affiliate Marketing Can Create Revenue for Your Business

With all the marketing options available to small business owners today, it is hard to decide where to focus your money and energy to get the best results. In previous posts we have covered using  PPC campaigns and social media advertising to reach potential customers. Today our focus is on affiliate marketing. What is Affiliate

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4 Tips to Successfully Setting Up Your First PPC Campaign

It can be difficult to see the ROI for many of the marketing efforts used today, but a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, or paid search, is popular because it is easy to direct your advertising dollars and track results. PPC is a method of advertising where you as the business owner pay a fee each time

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